Top 5 Favorite Summer of Heroes Snacks!

I know i have been talking a lot about Summer of Heroes but I absolutely can not get enough of it! Its just so amazing and wonderful so here are my top 5 favorite snacks!

  1. I Am Shaved Ice

Its a simple treat but its also my current obsession. Its a root beer flavored shaved ice with vanilla ice cream…basically a frozen root beer float but its AMAZING!


2. Friendly Neighborhood Macaron w/ vanilla ice cream

Macarons are amazing by themselves but than add ice cream and a spider man design….well than you have heaven in your mouth!


3. Angry Little Pudding Cup

A chocolate pudding,  whipped cream, crushed oreo’s and funnel cake fries make for one delicious and sweet treat! So be sure to get one at Award Weiners.


4. Spider-bite Donut

This amazingly creepy crawly donut is adorable has a bit of a kick to it…well at least the candy thats on it has a bit of a kick and i want to say its like a hot tamale, but its so good.

Disney Summer of Heroes food

5. Jalapeno & Cheese Groot Bread

I know you are shocked its not something sweet, but i love spicy food and this has a pretty good kick to it. This sourdough bread only has the jalapeño and cheese at the top of Groot’s head so if you aren’t a fan of spice just still to the bottom of head. They also sell a plain Groot head.

What is your favorite Summer of Heroes snack to eat? Let me know in the comments below!


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