Big Thunder Trail is Open!

Yes the walkway by Big Thunder Ranch has opened today and there are changes!

There is once again an easier pathway to get from Frontierland to Fantasyland and of course Fantasyland to Frontierland!!

The Bug thunder train has been open to the public today Thursday June 8 for the first time after being under construction since early 2016.

We all know the trail was close in preparation for the construction of Disney’s newest expansion Star Wars Land .

As you can tell they have some new rock work and construction signs for the upcoming land in 2019.

Now with the trail opening up again you probably guessed that you can once again take a trip around rivers of America! One of my favorite things to do when my feet get tired! Soon, the updated Fantasmic! will be premiering and i am so looking forward to watching it!

Are you excited the pathway is open and did you notice any differences? Let me know in the comments below!



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