Changes Are Coming…

Adventureland is known for getting pretty crowded, BUT its been said that changes are coming to make more room in that area.0609_fea_ocr-l-dlbengal-01Rumor has it that Indiana Jones Outpost and South Seas Traders will be closing along with majority of their merchandise. Although I’ve heard that select merchandise from these stores may make it over to Adventureland Bazaar.2906470560_c5c6d4d85f_bThe next thing said to go is the outside bar/seating area for the Bengal Barbecue will be taken out as well BUT they will be building a new indoor seating area wear the Indiana Jones Outpost use to be.

5275594789_9592f1544eTropical Imports will will be turning into a stroller parking area! Crazy i know, but have no fear Tropical Imports will be making its new home where South Seas Traders is currently at.DLR-AdventureLand-South-Sea-Traders-1.jpg

All these changes is rumored to happen before…yes you read correctly…BEFORE the new Fantasmic! show premiers later this summer. This is crazy because summer is here! But like I’ve said before in other posts, I believe 100% in Disney and Disney Magic so its going to be done and be AMAZING! Are you excited about these new changes happening to Adventureland? Or do you think they should leave it alone? Let me know in the comment below!



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