The American Hairless Terrier was first recorded in the foundation stock service October 2011. They are the first hairless breed to have originated in the US. The Skin of the American Hairless Terrier is susceptible to sun burn and they must either have sunscreen applied or protective clothing put on before they go outside.


They are an all-round dog willing to please and give 100% in whatever they do with proper socialization, They don’t shed or get fleas but they do shed skin cells. American Hairless Terrier have fairly long life spans and can live for 14-16 years.


88% agreed the breed is great with children, 67% said they are good with other pets, 67% agreed they were easy to train and 57% agreed they are good at being alone. So if the American Hairless Terrier the right pair of paws for you? Let me know in the comments below!