Famous Houses In SF!

I know what you are probably thinking…what does this have to do with Disney? Easy, there are some pretty famous Disney houses and location in here for those awesome Disney fans like myself and of course other pretty cool houses that you may never know you were passing if you were ever in San Francisco. So get those walking shoes on get ready to walk around my city with me.

Princess Diaries House:


724 Brazil Avenue

The Firehouse that Mia and her mom lived in.


Musee Mécanique AKA Penny Arcade:


45 Sausalito, Pier 41

This is where Mia brought her grandmother when she showed her SF


That’s So Raven House:


461 Ashbury Street


The Walt Disney Family Museum:

104 Montgomery Street


Lucas Films:

1110 Gargas Avenue


Yoda Fountain:

Building B courtyard 1 Letterman Dr.


The Painted Ladies:

Steiner Street


Full House House:

1709 Broderick Street

Keep your eyes open for Uncle Jesse he hangs out there sometimes


Mrs. Doubtfire House:

2640 Steiner Street

They actually filmed at this house interior and exterior for the movie



Robin Williams House:

540 El Camino Del Mar


Party Of 5 House:

2311 Broadway Street

The 1994 TV show that ran until 2000 about 5 children who are on their own rating themselves in the city


Nicolas Cage’s House (The Rock):

898 Franklin Street

The 1998 movie The Rock where Nicolas Cage’s character lived in the movie



The Jefferson Airplane Mansion:

2400 Fulton Street

1960’s-1980’s band




Janis Joplins Apartment:

635 Ashbury Street

It was her apartment in the late 1960’s


The Grateful Dead House:

710 Ashbury Street

From 1966-1968 the band lived even during the 1967 drug bust in 1967


Charles Mansion House:

636 Cole Street

He lived here in the 1960’s even during the summer of love


Of course there are so many other places and sights to see but these are just a few of my favorite places to hang out in.


Along with Ghirardelli Square and the ever so famous Boudin’s Bakery two places you find across from each other in Disney California Adventure! So the next time you visit San Francisco keep a lookout for these amazing places you might just recognize some similarities from Big Hero 6 and Inside Out.


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