Welcome MaxPass!

On July 19, 2017 the Disneyland resort will be welcoming the MaxPass. The MP was designed to be more convenient for guests visiting the park by allowing guests to book and redeem times in the Disneyland App on their phones and making it even easier to create Disney memories.


The introductory price is $10 a day which guests can purchase along with their park ticket or add it on through the Disneyland App. IF you are a Disneyland Annual Pass holder you have the option to purchase the MP for $75 for the life of your AP. If you are a Signature Plus holder as part of your entitlement you will receive the MP with no additional fees.


Now for all of you ready to light your torches about the MP, take a breathe because Disneyland is still offering their FREE FastPass service…with no charge you can still get a FP return time with your park ticket, you go to any of the 16 FP kiosks and stick your ticket in and you will receive a return time for the ride of your choice.



Personally i am very excited about the MP and can’t wait till it debuts on the 19! I can’t wait to try it out my next trip because i feel like it will be an entirely new and exciting experience! Which it is…but you guys know what i mean…right? Let me know your thoughts about the MP in the comments below!



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