D23 Updates!

D23 was intense…there were so many updates to the parks, upcoming movies a new ship, Disney Legend and so much more so here is a small rundown of what happened this weekend.



Bob Chapek announced that Star Wars Land which is named Star Wars: Galaxy Edge in Disneyland and WDW is set to open in the year 2019 and it will be the LARGEST single themed land at 14 acres.

In 2018 get ready to hang out with some more Pixar friends at the newly named and themed Paradise Pier will soon be known as Pixar Pier which will debut during a limited time celebration called Pixar Fest!

Guardians of the Galaxy(GOTG) will soon be joined but Spiderman and the Avenger because Disney is completely immersing a Super Hero Universe at DCA.


Walt Disney World:

Disney Skyliner will soon connect Disney Art of Animation, Pop Century and Caribbean Beach resorts along with Hollywood Studios and International Gateway at Epcot as well as other locations.

Minnie Vehicles will get you point to point anywhere you want at he Walt Disney World Restort in a classy Minnie Mouse vehicle

Mickey Themed Ride called Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway attraction will take us into a Mickey Cartoon….This will be taking over The Great Movie Ride over at the Chinese Theatre, so the your last chance is August 13, 2017.

GOTG: Mission Breakout! will be taking over Universe of Energy in EPCOT so be sure to get that ride in because its final day is August 13, 2017 as well.

Ratatouille attraction will be added to the France Pavilion, similar to the 4D attraction in Disneyland Paris. Both attractions will be open in time for the 50th anniversary of WDW in 2021.



Aladdin: Due to casting difficulties the production was pushed back to August instead of July. Disney also announced some casting: Aladdin- Mena Massound, Jasmine- Naomi Scott and Genie- Will Smith.

Jungle Cruise is happening and Disney definitely brought on board the one and only…Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.



  • Wrinkle in Time
  • Avengers: Infinity War
  • Black Panther
  • Ant Man
  • The Wasp
  • Han Solo


  • Coco
  • Thor: Ragnarok
  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi

This is barely skimming over the surface of what was announced, but i know if i were to day EVERYTHING that was announced this post would never end. I will definitely be getting into more detail and writing about other updates later in the week so keep a lookout for those! Let me know in the comments below what your favorite announcement was!




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