Leashes: Retractable vs. Classic

This is another controversial subjects in the dog world, i feel like its up there with Harness vs. Collars. Before i get into why i think Classic Leashes are better let me just say…please keep your comments positive and light hearted because everyone is allowed their own opinion, so if you are going to reply make sure you don’t put anyone down.


Retractable leashes i believe is a bad idea for pups who have not been trained yet especially with some type of etiquette. I feel like retractable leashes train your pups to pull because they learn that if they pull they it extends the lead. Where as a classic leash they can still pull but can’t go nearly as far and its easier to keep them close to you and out of harms way and keep them from getting into trouble. Whether you have an aggressive pup or someone else has an aggressive pup, its easier to control your situation with a classic leash because the leash can’t expand and you can keep you pup close to you our of harms way.


An experience that i had with retractable leashes that made me dislike them even more is one of the times my pups and I were out for a walk in the apartments near our house i saw a lady bent over looking through her purse, her pup was on a retractable leash and she wasn’t paying attention what so ever. As we go closer i made sure to move over about to the other side of where her dogs were. Unfortunately her dog followed us and before passing her dog ran up to mine while barking and got tangled up in leashes. We continued to walk and after a good 2 minutes she looked up to see where her dog was and well she had the nerve to yell at me for her dog running up to me and my dogs barking.


Personally, i think if she had a classic leash and would have stepped on that she would have felt her dog pulling towards us and that whole situation would have been avoided. My issue is majority of the dog owners i run into with retractable leashes have no control over their pups and let them run up to other people and dogs. Where as people who use classic leashes have a little bit more control.


Again this is my preference and opinions on this topic, but i would really like to hear your thoughts and opinions on this topic as well so be sure to leave me a comment down below!




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