WDW: FastPass+ Cheaters!

It’s crazy to think there are cheaters at WDW when it comes to the FP+ system because of Disney, but then again I’m not shocked about this either. In this post, I’ll be talking about the “in-park validation” along with consequences if caught cheating, and the third party guided tours.


The “in-park validation” means validation of the park admission ticket. Until just recently there has been a loophole with the FP+ systems kiosk. The loophole with the FP+ system kiosk allowed bookings with expired cards or by using the second ticket on their account to book another set of FP+ for the day. Tickets not used to for park admission could get you a valid FP+ reservation. Similar loopholes were found with the cast member passes where 3+ guest passes which allow friends and family entry to the parks with a limited restriction on the FP+ booking without redeeming admission.

marceline-tour_998The third party guest tours where people find and book tours through the many Disney fan sited, craigslist and more. The tours guarantee FP+ usage for all the attractions for their paying clients. What this means that the employees of these third party tours are at the parks during rope drop with handfuls of expired tickets and cards to book all the major attractions at the kiosks for their clienteles.

fastpassplusThis becomes a problem for the thousands of guests who are playing by the rules and paying admission for that day and now can’t find anything they want to do available during their stay. So Disney has decided to do the in-park validation, which will check to ensure that guests are using an active ticket for admission before redeeming an FP+. The consequences if guests are caught cheating, a cast member can deny entry, and if found with multiple attempts you will be locked out of the MyDisneyExperience accounts so you can’t utilize the FP+ booking option. If the behavior were deemed, non-abusive guest relations would be able to unlock the account.



Unknown-1The situation reminds me with the whole thing about the Disability passes when it was a thing to abuse them and now they are impossible to get to the point of nonexistence. I think what Disney is doing is pretty fair in my opinion because they could take it to a bigger extreme and banned you from the park but they’re not. What are your thoughts on this topic? Is it fair? Or no? Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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