Welcome to DOGtober! I will be posting all about Dogs up until the 19th when I start 13th nights of Halloween! So today post is all about my pups playpen! Let’s get started! Instead of using a “kennel” (mine are kenneled trained) I set up a playpen for them.

They use this when I go to work, school or when they feel overwhelmed this is their safe spot. Now I know what you are thinking, what pup likes to be “locked up” well these two don’t mind it. So we’ll start with ground level and work our way up!


On this level, they have a pee pad, water, toys and a bed. Pretty much all the essentials. One thing that makes it a tad more comfortable is they have a ramp that leads to the “upper level.”


The ramp leads up to my bed. Yes, they have access to my bed all day, every day. They do like to switch off where they like to relax. Most of the time they are in my bed unless there is a sunny spot then they will lie there.

I like giving them this amount of room so they can stretch, play, stay hydrated and relieve themselves when they need to. I know what you are thinking. The pups must go to the bathroom on my bed, play with my plushies, jump off, and get into trouble. NOPE! They are actually really boring pups which is amazing!

They literally sleep all day, drink water, pee on the pee pad and sleep some more. I know this because I watch them with the PetCube. How does this tie into Halloween you ask? Easy, I love Halloween, but my pups don’t like to be pet by a lot of people all at once so they sneak off and hang out here until they feel like making an appearance, which is completely ok with me. They are relaxed and safe, which means I’m relaxed and not stressed.

Happy DOGtober!