DOGtober 2017: Day 9

Today starts Tarzans Pre-Surgical care. Tomorrow, Tarzan will get his teeth cleaned so his vet gave me instructions to prepare him for what he is going to endure tomorrow. The first thing to prepare him happened on Saturday where we did blood work to make sure that he was able to handle the anesthesia once that was cleared we made the appointment.

Tonight’s pre-surgical care includes:

  • No food after 9pm
  • Water can be given up until drop off
  • Drop off between 7am-8:30am, the day of
  • Leave a phone number and around 2pm you’ll receive a call and release time

Although I am completely freaking out on the inside about him getting the anesthesia because this is my baby and it’s scary but I completely trust my vets. They have been with my pups since the day I got my pups. They have seen them grow up, they have taken care of them so they know what their medical history. My littles are my life and no matter what, I am going to worry about them.



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