DOGtober 2017: Day 10

Today was a very stressful day, but I am so happy that my little guy is home and healthy as ever! I called the vet to check in on Tarzan at 1pm to make sure that he was ok, and thankfully it was. I picked him up at 3pm and boy was I happy to see he was pretty much himself. The vets went over the aftercare and the antibiotics with me. So for 14 days, he needs to eat soft food, with limited exercise. His antibiotics need to be given twice a day for seven days. I have to look for bleeding, vomiting and making sure he poops! If he doesn’t poop for 24-48 hours after surgery is ok, any longer than we have a problem.

When I picked him up, he was in the receptionist’s arms. Most people would be mad, but honestly, they were giving him love and making sure that he was ok. They were all shocked that he bounced back, but wanted to keep a close eye on him. All of them were giving him kisses and holding him they also tried to do his hair. This is another reason why I absolutely LOVE our vet because they go above and beyond for their patients.

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