13 Nights of Halloween: All Hallows Eve

We celebrate Halloween every year on October 31; we celebrate by dressing up, haunted houses, scaring the living daylight out of ourselves and of course trick or treating. Halloween translated to ‘Holy Evening,’ which dates back to the pagan times and thought to originate with the Celtic pagan festival of Harvest season meaning ‘summers end.’


Gaels believes this time of year was when the walls between the worlds were thin and allowed spirits to pass through. To appease the spirit that might pass, they would set up an extra place at their dinner tables offering the spirits food and drinks whole bonfires were lit to scare away any evil spirits.


Halloween is also known as All Hallows because it’s the day before the feast of All Saints Day, a day that dates back to the 8th century designed to stamp out pagan traditions converting people to Christianity. Christians would honor the Saints and pray for the spirits who haven’t reached heaven yet.


America in 1929, was the first to ‘Trick or Treat.’ People started dressing up as souls of the dead, angels and saints because people believed impersonating the spirit would offer protection from them. Jack O Lantern is believed to come from a folk story where a guy named Jack, tricked the devil into buying him a drink, because of this when he died he couldn’t go to heaven or hell but trapped by the devil inside a burning ember kept inside a turnip.

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