On This Day: Robin Hood

This Disney classic made its debut Nov. 8, 1973. Alan-a-dale (Roger Miller) an amiable rooster tells stories and sings songs of the heroic Robin hood (Brian Bedford) and his sidekick, Little John (Phil Harris). The animated animal-themed adaption of the legendary story. So here are some fun facts:

Originally friar truck was to be a pig, but changed to a badger to avoid insulting religeous sensibilities.

Terry-Thomas famous gap was incorporated into the design of the character he voiced, Sir Hiss.

Robin Hood was the second Disney Animated feature film with no human characters at all. The being Bambi (1942).

The University of Southern California ‘Fight On’ is played during the chase scene after the archery contest. “On Wisconsin” the fight song of the University of Wisconsin, is also used during the “football” sequence of this scene.

J. Pat O’Malley’s last Disney film, prior to his death 12 years later.

Maid Marian only appears in the film for 30 minutes despite being the main love interest.

It is the first Disney animated feature film to be over 80 minutes since Fantasia (1940).

In honor of Robin Hood being another one of my favorites, I have a tattoo of Robin Hoods arrow. What is your favorite thing about this amazing Disney classic?


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