Aladdin vs Aladdin!

As you may know, I absolutely LOVE Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular that performed at the Hyperion Theater in Disney California Adventure. It was my ALL TIME FAVORITE show to watch and I was always in that theater. I felt like I was in actually in the movie and the Genie was PERFECTION he definitely stole the show hands down. He was everyone’s favorite with all his up to date jokes.


Aladdin on Broadway made me a little nervous because was it going to live up to my DCA’s version? Well, I had to find out and YES it was just as amazing but in its own way. I feel like the Genie still had a major part in the show (obviously) but in a different way than DCA’s. They were both completely different but similar in the same ways…if that makes sense.


For me, DCA’s version focused more on the comedic side of the movie, whereas the Broadway version focused more on the love story. Essentially the same storyline but told from different views. Genie was my favorite at DCA whereas I absolutely fell in love with Aladdin’s friends Babkak, Omar and Kassim. They, for me, were the most comedic for me. With a new show comes new music, and I immediately bought the soundtrack and still play all the time. My favorite songs that I listen to on replay non-stop is High Adventure and A Million Miles Away.


One thing I really miss was definitely the “animals” running around the audience, they did this for Prince Ali and A Whole New World in the DCA version and I loved it. I didn’t understand why they didn’t incorporate that in the Broadway version because they had animal puppets in the audiences for Lion King.


I know that they are two completely different shows and honestly they did an AMAZING job on both them. I would really love it if they came out on iTunes with a DCA version and Broadway version because I would buy it just like I bought Newsies!


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