The iconic Dinsey California Adventure attraction California Screamin’ will be getting a bit of makeover in a pretty incredible new coaster called “The Incredacoaster.” The remake will keep its existing structure but add a few new elements themed around the superhero family The Incredibles, which has a sequel slotted to open July 14, 2018.


California Screamin’ was built from steel and opened with the park in 2001. Designed to resemble an old fashion rollercoaster from the 1920’s pleasure piers. The track is more than one mile long and takes riders from 0-55 mph in four seconds.


The Incredible, humorous collection of superheroes each with their own special gifts, will race alongside riders trying to catch their baby Jack Jack. The existing tunnels on the ride will be enclosed and Mrs. Incredible also known as Elastagirl will stretch over the heads of guest trying to catch her baby.


The loading area will be a soaring glass mid-century-modern building inspired by the families home in the movie. Music will come from the new Incredibles 2 movie coming to theaters in summer 2018. Personally, I am excited about both the attraction and the ride. It seems like a great update and will have a lot of people lining up to see The Incredacoaster!