25 Days of Christmas 2017: Day 17

The annual Christmas walk was tonight, but we switched things up just a little bit. Yes, we walked around the neighborhoods BUT we also did a little trip walking around the city.




We walked around City Hall and took some pictures, unfortunately the pups were wiggle worms, but I did get a great shot of the building.


Next we went over to Ghiradelli square because I feel like its super magical and has a ton of Holiday vibes. We got our free chocolate square, and some of us got a Hot Chocolate because it was cold. Yes although we all walk around some of the fam still gets cold and needs a little bit of Hot Coco to keep them warm.

20121123-sf-tree-lighting-after-2.jpgNow this has to be my ALL TIME FAVORITE place to visit in the city, we have Christmas trees, an Ice Skating Rink, and Hot Chocolate BUT we also have puppies, and kittens that need homes in the window. You can donate to the SPCA and get info in case you are interested in bringing home a furry friend. What makes this year even more special is that you can for $10.00 play with puppies for 10 minutes. The money gets donated back to the shelter to you are literally buying 10 minutes of happiness. Since, I had my pups I did not get to play with all the puppies but I did donate and I will be back to play with them soon.


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