2017 Recap!

This year was full of adventure!

From Finding Neverland- Aladdin at the SHN Theater both amazing and magical shows. My little one breaking her paw because she loves food way too much and my little man going under to get some teeth pulled.

My grandma moved out on her own, and for the first Christmas we made cookies together and had fun decorating her house for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s hard not having her there when I get home BUT I’m glad I’m still able to see her.

From an almost undefeated season in volleyball, to meeting someone at a hockey game and learning that Canadians say pencil crayons and not colored pencils.

Taking my dad to the Winchester Mystery House and re watching all the episodes for the billionth time.

My mom got her gallbladder removed, my dad getting his hand stuck in the AC and having to have surgery to me getting my wisdom teeth out right before the CRAZIEST trip in my Disney history.

Starting 2018 off right by running (once again) The Dopey Challenge but this time with my mom and taking on Jeff Galloway’s 2018 challenge! This year is starting off with 48.6 miles and ending in 2018 miles.

Happy New Year, the pups and I hope this new year starts off amazing and just keeps getting magical as the year goes on!


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