On This Day: Sleeping Beauty

One of my favorite movies because it has my favorite villains of all time. Sleeping Beauty premiered January 29, 1959. So here are some fun facts about this amazing Disney Classic.


  • The running gag where the two fairies argued about what color Princess Auroras dress should be (pink or blue) comes from the filmmakers problem as to deciding just that.
  • In the traditional Italian version of this fairy tale, sleeping beauty is named Princess Aurora. In the German version she is named Briar Rose. The film incorporates both names by having Princess Aurora use the name Briar Rose while under cover.
  • A flamethrower was used to create the dragon’s breath sound effect for the climax for the movie. Castanets were used for the sound of the jaws snapping.
  • Eric Cleworth (animator) based the dragons head movements on those of a rattlesnake about to strike.
  • The Black Cauldron (1985) the only other Disney animated film shot in the format of Technirama.
  • Aurora is barefoot for all but the last scene.
  • This is the only Disney movie with square trees.
  • This was the first Disney animated feature to be created ostensibly for the 70mm format.


Happy Birthday Sleeping Beauty thank you for creating the best villain around!


Essential Oils: Day 1

I am so excited that the essential oils came for the pups. I bought the Pain Relief and Calming because both my littles have arthritis. Belle has it in her right shoulder and Tarzan has it in his back legs.

The oils came just in time for their dinner, so I added a drop of the pain relief to both their dinner. I am paranoid whenever I change anything with my pups, so I am making it a point to look out for any signs that the oils are not sitting well with them. Honestly, I am hoping this works and makes their daily life a little bit easier.

Since it is the first day I know I won’t see any difference with them, but of course, I will keep tabs on how they are acting and following any reactions or differences I see in them. Have you tried any essential oils with your fur babies?


Kingdom Keepers Series: Ridley Pearson

I love reading, I love how it takes me to an entirely different world and lets my imagination run free. The only bad thing is I am very picky about books, and I love reading series because I kind of get obsessed with reading and I will stay up all night reading, it will consume my life.


So, my last trip to Disneyland I went to Off the Page (the store in the Animation Academy building) and of course looking around when I came across a book that had Maleficent on it (favorite villain), I immediately picked it up and read the back instantly deciding I NEEDED this book. David (a cast member) came over and started talking to me about the book letting me know that the book I picked up is one of the newer books and I should start at the beginning of the series for it all to make more sense.


The series starts off with a group of middle school kids in Walt Disney World trying to defeat the Overtakers. The story follows the kids around as they grow up and go all throughout the parks (WDW and Disneyland) and of course the cruise line. David told me that Ridley Pearson before writing the books, got an exclusive tour of the parks so he could use as many details (on stage and backstage) where the kids are in the story.


There are (as of right now) eleven books in the series. In the Kingdom Keepers series, there are; Disney After Dark, Disney At Dawn, Disney in Shadow, Power Play, Shell Game, Dark Passage, and The Insider.

In the Kingdom Keepers: The Return series there are; Legacy of Secrets, Disney at Last Legacy of Secrets and The Syndrome. Now, David said this is around the time Pearson should be announcing a new book, and he thinks Pearson is going to have the kids in the international parks. Honestly, that would be amazing to me because I have only been to Disneyland Paris and reading about the other parks my imagination would seriously go wild. Will you join me in reading The Kingdom Keepers series?


Disneyland After Dark: Throwback Nite!

January 18, 2018, was the first ever Disney After Dark ticketed event at Disneyland. It was a throwback night to the 50’s and 60’s which was mind-blowing.


When I walked into the park, the first thing I was greeted with was a yellow bracelet, a lanyard, a map and for AP holders a button. The lanyard had a picture of the ticket book, which was really cool and I will treasure forever. The park map had a map of the park along with all the events that were happening that night.


Everyone was dressed in the most amazing attire, it really felt like I was sent back in time. The music was great, it really set the mood of the night, but I have to say my top four things I that really stood out to me has to be the fireworks, the Skyway bucket, Tupua and the characters.


The fireworks; Fantasy in the Sky the original firework show was presented how they were first shown when they first premiered in the park. Over by It’s A Small World was one of the coolest photo opportunity EVER and that was the Skyway Bucket, but not any the original skyway bucket that once flew over the park. That was just the most breathtaking thing I have ever set my eyes on. I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes, that such Disney history was sitting right in front of me. The characters that were out during the event was mind-blowing, but the one that stood out for me was the Blue Fairy, Jiminy Cricket and of course Merlin. It was the greatest sight I have seen aside from the Skyway Bucket. Tupua was the best show ever it took place to Aladdin Oasis BUT also led to a huge rumor of the Tahitian Terrace will be returning.


Of course I couldn’t go to Disneyland without buying things, so I bought the DAD shirt, one for me and one for my mom, the AP popcorn bucket, a Captain Phasma stein, two straws; x wing and star destroyer glow straws, along with the popcorn bucket I have wanted since it came out during Halloween and that would be the Oogie Boogie popcorn bucket.


Overall the event was a lot of fun, great music, amazing photo opportunities and I would highly recommend it. It was worth every penny, and although rides were down, it honestly didn’t matter there was so much to and see that made up for the rides being down.


Dog Essential Oils?

Did you know that Dogs had essential oils? Me either, until I cam across Healthy Paws Herbal. I read a lot of good reviews about them and I LOVE essential oils myself so I figure why not buy some for the pups.

Healthy Paws Herbal offers three different essential oils: Allergy Itch Relief, Pain Relief, and Calming. They have two prices 1oz bottle is $14.99 and the 4oz bottle is $39.99. It is pretty pricey but so are the essential oils when you buy them for yourself.

Since Tarzan has arthritis in his back legs and Belle has it in her left shoulder I definitely knew that I was going to try out the Pain Relief. Angelicae, Gentianae Marco, Saposhnikoviae are all anti-inflammatory and analgesic to reduce pain and help healing. Eucommiae, Taxilli, and Cyathulae, help strengthen bones, muscles and joints to help slow down degeneration. It has so many great natural qualities that I hope will help ease the pain they do have. Im hoping it gets here soon so I can try it!


Disneyland/DCA Refurbishments!

Incase you haven’t been to the parks in a while or haven’t heard what closed, going to be closed and whats going away forever, here are the updates!


  • Splash Mountain- Jan. 2-TBD
  • Dumbo the Flying Elephant- Jan. 8-TBD
  • Haunted Mansion Holiday- Jan. 8-18
  • Main Street Vehicles- Jan. 8- TBD
  • Its A Small World- Jan. 22-Feb. 1
  • Casey Jr. Circus Train- Feb 5-TBD
  • Storybook Land Canal Boats- Feb. 5-15

The tracks on Main Street USA are being replaces. Pieces of the original track that remains today will be salvaged and preserved, while the previously updated tracks will be recycled. Dumbo will be opening up with a brand new queue, it will have brand new shaded structure over the queue while being more accessible and comfortable to guests and of course a fresh paint job is in for the flying elephants. Haunted Mansion and Its A Small World will open up without their holiday overlay and back to their original overlay.

Disney California Adventure: 

  • Redwood Creek Challenge Trail- Jan. 2-TBD
  • Ariels Grotto- Jan. 8
  • California Screemin’- Jan. 8
  • Games of Boardwalk-  Jan. 8
  • Grizzly River Run- Jan. 8-TBD
  • Its Tough To Be . A Bug!- Jan. 8-TBD
  • Mickey’s Fun Wheel- Jan. 8-TBD
  • The Bakery Tour- Jan. 8-Feb 1
  • Golden Zeyphyr- Jan. 22-25

Some of the dates do not have a TBD that is because the deconstruction of the Paradise Pier has started which means the construction of the new Pixar Pier! California Screamin’ is going to be Incredacoaster so the track isn’t changing just the exterior really. Mickeys Fun Wheel will stay the same, just a fresh new paint, maybe new gondola’s. Ariels Grotto and Games of Boardwalk will be changing theme to Pixar. What are you most looking forward to in this exciting change?


Puppy Haul!!

So my little man had gotten dental work where he was left with only 5 teeth. Unfortunately, my little one’s gum is a bit sensitive, so eating has been a bit of a complication and hard work to get his food just right for him to eat. So here is what I bought him to make his food a little bit more appealing and softer for his gums.



  • Apple blueberry
  • Banana
  • Pumpkin banana
  • Sweet potato


Pineapple Juice:

  • 100% pure pineapple juice



  • Chicken
  • Beef

I am still in the trial and error stage for him, so some meals he LOVES and others not so much. Usually, I soften up his food, add some pineapple juice, and one of the Gerber foods along with some broth on top. It works out for the most part, and he chomps it right up with no problem. I hope it continues well because I now have a TON of dog food in my house.


runDisney/WDW Haul 2018!

The amount of merchandise I accumulated is insane. I honestly thought I was going to have to buy another bag just to get everything home. Thankfully, I was able to shove it all in my bag with only some complications.

To start off the haul is definitely 2018 New Years hat, I got when I first arrived at the hotel which I had to deconstruct due to the lack of room in my bag. Of course what follows the hat is the 6 running shirts I picked up at packet pick up. The Dopey Challenge shirt is definitely my favorite.

Over at the official runDisney merchandise, I thought it was my duty as a freezing participant that I buy everything that would keep me warm. So, I did…as you can tell, buy everything that would keep me warm! Plus, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to buy two new spirit jerseys that say runDisney and I runDisney on it. In my defense my Nani bought me one of them. I also had to buy The Dopey Challenge pin, its a tradition I started 5 years ago every event I do I have a pin to go with it.

Now for actual park shopping there wasn’t much I wanted except the WDW rose gold spirit jersey. The socks were a necessity that helped me keep my toes from frost bite. While eating at Cinderella’s Royal Table, I got a magic wand that I will treasure forever. I also bought 4 Nightmare Before Christmas Pins that look like the paintings that are in the stretching room of the Haunted mansion.




The Dopey Challenge 2018!

Honestly, I can not believe that I completed The Dopey Challenge once again. So back in 2014 my cousin and I signed up for the inaugural Dopey challenge, which was the start of my running journey. Having said that, it only felt right to celebrate my 5 year anniversary with the 5th year of the run that started it all. The only difference this year was, my mom took on the challenge with me.


If you don’t know what The Dopey Challenge is here is the run down: 4 days. 4 parks, 48.6 miles=6 medals. If you participate in the half and the full marathon you will receive the Goofy Challenge completer medal. If you participate in the 5k, 10k, Half and Full marathon, you will receive the Goofy completer medal as well as the Dopey Completer medal.


Its a tough but challenge and a lot of miles to run in just 4 days but let me tell you, its the most amazing feeling in the world when you cross that finish lines and they place the medal around your neck. This time was different, not only did I accomplish this crazy challenge for the second time but completing it with my mom is something I will never forget. She is truly my inspiration and the strongest women I know, completing 48.6 miles 3 months after having emergency surgery and completing it with a torn LCL that she did on the 10k.


Overall, the challenge was accepted, completed, amazing and of course freezing. It felt great running it, and even greater running with my mom by myself. Even though I fell in a ditch and broke my toe, the race must go on. Both my mom and I set a new personal record on all the races and we are ready for or Star Wars Virtual Half Marathon and of course more runDisney events because every mile is magic!




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