Disneyland After Dark: Throwback Nite!

January 18, 2018, was the first ever Disney After Dark ticketed event at Disneyland. It was a throwback night to the 50’s and 60’s which was mind-blowing.


When I walked into the park, the first thing I was greeted with was a yellow bracelet, a lanyard, a map and for AP holders a button. The lanyard had a picture of the ticket book, which was really cool and I will treasure forever. The park map had a map of the park along with all the events that were happening that night.


Everyone was dressed in the most amazing attire, it really felt like I was sent back in time. The music was great, it really set the mood of the night, but I have to say my top four things I that really stood out to me has to be the fireworks, the Skyway bucket, Tupua and the characters.


The fireworks; Fantasy in the Sky the original firework show was presented how they were first shown when they first premiered in the park. Over by It’s A Small World was one of the coolest photo opportunity EVER and that was the Skyway Bucket, but not any the original skyway bucket that once flew over the park. That was just the most breathtaking thing I have ever set my eyes on. I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes, that such Disney history was sitting right in front of me. The characters that were out during the event was mind-blowing, but the one that stood out for me was the Blue Fairy, Jiminy Cricket and of course Merlin. It was the greatest sight I have seen aside from the Skyway Bucket. Tupua was the best show ever it took place to Aladdin Oasis BUT also led to a huge rumor of the Tahitian Terrace will be returning.


Of course I couldn’t go to Disneyland without buying things, so I bought the DAD shirt, one for me and one for my mom, the AP popcorn bucket, a Captain Phasma stein, two straws; x wing and star destroyer glow straws, along with the popcorn bucket I have wanted since it came out during Halloween and that would be the Oogie Boogie popcorn bucket.


Overall the event was a lot of fun, great music, amazing photo opportunities and I would highly recommend it. It was worth every penny, and although rides were down, it honestly didn’t matter there was so much to and see that made up for the rides being down.


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