Kingdom Keepers Series: Ridley Pearson

I love reading, I love how it takes me to an entirely different world and lets my imagination run free. The only bad thing is I am very picky about books, and I love reading series because I kind of get obsessed with reading and I will stay up all night reading, it will consume my life.


So, my last trip to Disneyland I went to Off the Page (the store in the Animation Academy building) and of course looking around when I came across a book that had Maleficent on it (favorite villain), I immediately picked it up and read the back instantly deciding I NEEDED this book. David (a cast member) came over and started talking to me about the book letting me know that the book I picked up is one of the newer books and I should start at the beginning of the series for it all to make more sense.


The series starts off with a group of middle school kids in Walt Disney World trying to defeat the Overtakers. The story follows the kids around as they grow up and go all throughout the parks (WDW and Disneyland) and of course the cruise line. David told me that Ridley Pearson before writing the books, got an exclusive tour of the parks so he could use as many details (on stage and backstage) where the kids are in the story.


There are (as of right now) eleven books in the series. In the Kingdom Keepers series, there are; Disney After Dark, Disney At Dawn, Disney in Shadow, Power Play, Shell Game, Dark Passage, and The Insider.

In the Kingdom Keepers: The Return series there are; Legacy of Secrets, Disney at Last Legacy of Secrets and The Syndrome. Now, David said this is around the time Pearson should be announcing a new book, and he thinks Pearson is going to have the kids in the international parks. Honestly, that would be amazing to me because I have only been to Disneyland Paris and reading about the other parks my imagination would seriously go wild. Will you join me in reading The Kingdom Keepers series?


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