Park Updates Feb. 2018!


Walt Disney World:

  • Up! A Great Bird Adventure will open April 22, at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, just in time for AK 20th anniversary. The show will feature Russell and Doug from Disney/Pixar UP as they discover species of birds from around the world in their newest adventure in Anadapur village.
  • Be Our Guest Restaurant will offer an enhanced Prix fix dinner menu starting  July 27, making you feel like royalty.





  • Tokyo Dinsey Resort will celebrate the 35th anniversary with new Chocolate Crunch shops. Starting April 15, two new themed shops will open at World Bazaar: Pastry Palace and Ice Cream Cone. Chocolate Crunch has been a resort souvenir staple since its introduction back in 1986. Pastry Palace guests can build their own chocolate crunch container filled with new flavors like strawberry shortcake and the previously discontinued Caramel flavor which is available until July 7. At the Ice Cream Cone, you can find two new tasty desserts inspired by Donald and Daisy Duck.



  • Aladdin’s Oasis will soon be transformed into The Tropical Hideaway.


Disney California Adventure:

  • Arielle’s Grotto will be transformed into a California Casual Gastro-Pub cuisine called The Lamplight Lounge. It will continue to have a waterfront view from both upstairs and downstairs. The outdoor seating will provide views of Pixar Pier and of course World Of Color. The Lamplight Lounge will open June 23.
  • The Cove Bar will briefly open March 16 before closing again in May for its permanent transformation.


Disneyland Paris:

  • There is an expansion going to happen to the Walt Disney Studios Park, they will be adding three new areas based on Marvel, Frozen and Star Wars. They will have live entertainment along with new attractions. The new focal point is the new lake, which will focus on entertainment experiences while connecting each of the new lands.
  • The new development will take place in 2021 and will take a couple of years to complete. This is said to be one of the most ambitious projects since the parks opening in 1992. There will be changes to some attractions such as Rock N Rollercoaster which will be transformed into a hyper- kinetic adventure with Iron Man.

Im excited for all these changes, even though it seems like it is going to take FOREVER I know once they are done it will be worth it.


Little Piggies!

I have found the PERFECT treat for my littles…Little Piggies are not only chicken free for my lil girl BUT they are tiny and t don’t have to break it up for my pups to eat it!

They have three different flavors: Apple, Blueberry, and Applewood Bacon. They also come in two sizes BIG and mini. Two out of the three I got right and the other i accidentally got the bigger bag.

To make these treats better, some have a little piggy face and some a little piggy butt! I think the packaging and the treats themselves are adorable and my pups go CRAZY for them! So over all they are a win win! What is your pups favorite dog treat?


runDisney Tag!

runDisney, like I’ve always said, has completely changed my life and since its Medal, Monday why not do a tag about runDisney! So runners set GOOOOO!

  1. How did you first discover runDisney?

I first discovered runDisney when my family and I took a trip to Disneyland about 6 years ago. We were walking in Downtown Dinsey when my aunt shouted: “WHAT IS THAT AND HOW DO I GET ONE?” and the guy was really nice and answered her and then we signed up.

2. How many raced have you done?

8 events (some multiple times). 13 5k’s, 6 10k’s, 11 Half Marathons, 2 Full Marathons, 9 challenges, 3 virtual,  2 coast to coast and 1 castle to Chateau.

3. What was your first run?

The Inaugural Dopey Challenge in 2014. 48.6 miles and this was my first ever running event EVER. I also did not train at all nor did I break in my shoes…

   4. What was your favorite race weekend?

Dopey Challenge 2018 because I PR and I ran it with my mom. Plus Dopey was celebrating it’s 5 year anniversary which was also in a way celebrating my 5-year running adventure which I hope to continue.

   5. What was your least favorite run?

Disneyland Paris because I was so thrown off by the mile markers because they don’t use miles, but everyone was super friendly and encouraging like every other runDisney event.

   6. What was your favorite park to run through?

Hollywood Studios in WDW and Carsland in DCA.


7. What is your favorite runDisney medal?

Castle to Chateau medal. I think it’s GORGEOUS!

   8. What is your favorite shirt?

2018 Goofy’s challenge and a Half shirt because it reminds me of my favorite baseball team.

   9. What are 3 songs on your runDisney playlist?

Hey Princess (Allstar Weekend), I Can Go the Distance (Hercules), and Carrying the Banner (Newsies).

 10. Do you go for a PR or do you not worry about time?

I go for a PR, I find the longer I stay out on the course the more I get into my own head.

  11. Which character do you always stop for?


  12. What is your favorite pre-race meal?

Lucky charm marshmallows. I don’t like to eat before a run but if I do it’s the lucky charm marshmallows.

   13. Favorite costume you ran in?

Darth Maul. It was more of a Dinsey bound than an actual costume but I think it was close enough.

   14. Favorite costume you’ve seen someone else run in?

That is a tough one because everyone has AMAZING costumes but I will go with Thunder mountain because for the entire 10k she wore a mountain on her head and her body and there was an actual bobsled that moved around on a track. It was really cool.

I hope you enjoyed this runDisney Tag and let me know what your answers in the comments below!


Stow Lake


Golden Gate Park was established in 1871 by John McLarin, who served as the parks superintendent for 53 years. The park currently measures at 1,017 acres of land which currently houses many large music festivals and recreational events such as, Outsidelands, Alice 97.3 summer event, and 4/20. It is also home to many attractions such as the de Young museum, Academy of Science, the Japanese Tea Garden and of course the famously haunted Stow Lake.


Stow Lake is famous for its ghost story involving a mother and her baby. Her story varies but has been told over a 100 years. One story says she killed her baby and herself in the lake, while others say she was walking around the lake when she decided to converse with a women when her babies stroller rolled into the lake. After asking if anyone has seen her baby she went into the lake herself and drowned.


On foggy nights, people have reported seeing a distressed lady in white stalking the rim of the lake. Some say she approaches them begging them to help her find her baby, while others have only heard her cries. It is rumored if you go to Stow Lake today and repeat “white lady, white lady I have your baby” three times she will emerge from the water while other say her statue comes to life.


Valentine Puppy Pancakes!

Here is my puppies Valentines day breakfast…a heart shaped puppy pancake topped with a pineapple juice syrup!


What You’ll Need:

  • 2 eggs
  • 1 C milk
  • 1 1/2 Tablespoon melted butter
  • 1 Tablespoon honey
  • 1 C wholemeal flour
  • 1/2 C coconut flour (or whatever flour you would like)
  • 1 Tablespoon baking powder
  • 1/2 Teaspoon ground cinnamon


What To Do:

  1. Whisk together eggs, milk, honey, and butter
  2. Mix in the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients until you are left with a thick pancake mix
  3. Heat up a pan (I grease with coconut oil) and place the batter inside a heart shaped cookie cutter
  4. Wait about 1-2 minutes until bubbles form and flip
  5. place it in your pups bowl and serve!

Helpful Hints:

  • The batter makes about 10-12 pancakes depending on the size
  • Use a stainless steal cookie cutter and grease both sides
  • If you only have a plastic cookie cutter make a normal round pancake and cut out a heart chape
  • The “syrup” is s drizzle of pineapple juice over their pancake

Happy Valentines Day!


New Park Updates 2018!




Pixar Pier finally has an opening date and that is June 23, 2018! So literally right around the corner.

The new Pixar Pier sign has the Luxo Lamp which sits on top of the sign looks it is actually a spotlight which would be really cool.


A new Incredibles themed float for Paint the Night will be premiering in June. As a side note April 23 is when PTN comes back to the parks but the new float wont premier until June.


Walt Disney World:


The upcoming Star Wars hotel will seemingly attach to Galaxy’s Edge in Hollywood Studios. This will be like the California Grand and California Adventure which I find pretty cool.


The Guardians of the Galaxy attraction that will be opening up in EPCOT’s Future World will be a rollercoaster. In fact, the upcoming GOTG attraction will be the worlds longest indoor rollercoaster ever. The new innovated ride system is said to guarantee to WOW guests. It is said to open on the 50th anniversary in 2021.


Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway will premier with a new theme song created specifically for the ride.




Disneyland Paris:


Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel Hotel will be coming to Paris in 2020.


Rock N’ Rollercoaster  will be re-imagined  to an Iron Man and Avengers themed attraction which I find AMAZING! I think this will be a positive update even though I love Aerosmith, I find an Iron Man/Avengers themed ride will be mind blowing!


Hong Kong Disneyland:


A new attraction is heading to Hong Kong Disneyland and it will be themed Ant Man and The Wasp. Personally, I feel like it should be an interesting attraction and I wonder if they will be using any technology or similar technology from Its Tough To Be A Bug and Stitch’s Great Escape on the attractions where we will feel Ant Man and The Wasp running around?

What is your favorite and least favorite updates coming to the Parks? Let me know in the comments below!


Disney Updates February 2018!

There are so many changes and magic happening in the world of Disney that I know I won’t come close to covering, so I picked out a few updates on WDW, Disneyland, and Disney Channel.


Walt Disney World:

  • Toy Story Land is opening up this summer so Disney’s Hollywood studios will soon be rolling out the red carpet before we know it! I’m excited to ride the Alien Swirling Saucers where I hope I get chosen by the claw, and I am really excited to ride Slinky Dog Dash because who doesn’t love Slinky? I also can not wait to see how awesome Andy’s backyard will look and of course just hanging out.
  • Hollywood Studios is keeping its name!! HOORAY! Since, the park is about movies, music, TV, and theater Disney has decided to keep its name because it just makes sense.
  • The exclusive Club 33 will be in all WDW parks. The Magic Kingdom will most likely be located in Adventureland  Veranda. Even though it is still under construction, the membership invites have begun! Membership price is $25,000 for joining fee and annual dues of $15,000. Members will be able to access all four Club 33 lounges at WDW but will NOT automatically be a member of Club 33 in Disneyland. Although Disney has not released an opening date, its speculated to open this year.



  • If you have recently visited the park, you have heard that Rancho Del Zocalo had stopped serving breakfast February 6, to make room for Red Rose Taverne’s breakfast which will be served from park opening to 11am that started February 7!
  • There is a single rider line for Space Mountain, which is crazy and amazing! Can I also just say FINALLY!!! I am very excited about this update.
  • Starting February 16, Black Panther will be joining the Marvel Meet and Greet characters in DCA’s Hollywood Backlot.
  • Today February 8 in 2001, marks the opening day of Dinsey California Adventure. Its crazy to think how much DCA has changed since opening day in 2001!


Disney Channel:

  • Premiering on DC in 2002 with 87 episodes and two animated movies, this typical high school redhead will have a Live action movie! Now it is still in early production, so there is no cast yet, BUT the series creator Mark McCorkle, Robert Schooley, and Josh Cagan will write the scripts and act as executive producer while Adam B Stein and Zach Lipovsky will co-produce. I am hoping for a cameo by Christie Carlson-Romano and of course, Will Friedle who voiced Kim and Ron.
  • ZOMBIES the upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie will premier February 16, 2018. ITs starring Meg Donnelly, Milo Manhel, Emilia McCarthy and directed by Paul Hoen who also directed other DCOM’s and Disney Series such as Eddies Million Dollar Cook-Off, Jump In, Let It Shine, Even Stevens, Andi Mack, Jonas and so many more. So I’m sure ZOMBIES will be an amazing contribution to the DCOM family.



New Disney Park:

A brand new park rumored to open in the next four years to Tokyo Disney Resort. According to a Japanese Newspaper plans are being finalized for a space and flight-inspired theme park called Tokyo DisneySky. It sounds pretty interesting and I would love to see the concept art for this DisneySky.

I think the top things I am most excited for to see is Toy Story Land in WDW, and of course the Live-action Kim Possible! I grew up watching Kim Possible and it’s really quite exciting to see it come back after about 16 years.



One of the most popular spots in San Francisco, is Alcatraz: it opened August 11, 1934 and after 29 years of operation on March 21, 1963. Some say its closed because of the disappearance of Morris and the Anglins, other say it was a decision made long before the 3 disappeared due to cost. Alcatraz was built as a military prison which was later converted into a federal prison. It housed thousands of prisoners over the years; many killed during prison fight and prisoner take overs which means there are some lingering spirits hanging around.


There have been a ton of reports about voices, footsteps, sounds of cell doors opening and closing along with cold spots throughout the building, mainly in the dining hall. A number of guards have reported extraordinary experiences that include sounds of sobbing, moaning and terrible smells. Unexpected disturbances that occurred in the isolation block of the prison known as “the hole” or the “strip cells”. This level was the bottom floor of the prison in cell block D where they kept inmates who broke the more serious rules of Alcatraz.


A man claimed a strange creature with glowing eyes tortured an inmate. The guard assumed the inmate was crying out for attention but they found him in the morning strangles with hand marks around his neck. According to the autopsy there was no way he could have done it to himself. Some believe the guards on duty did it to him but other believe “The Thing” is to blame. The inmate became a ghost of Alcatraz as he was reported in a line-up with the other unmates but promptly vanished.

Do you believe that Alcatraz is hunted? Or do you thinks it’s just our imagination?


On This Day: Peter Pan

February 5, 1953 came the story of a boy who never grows up. The film was extremely successful  but Walt Disney himself was dissatisfied with the finished product. He felt that the character of Peter Pan was cold and un-liked.


In the original play, he looses his right hand but the Disney artists felt that would limit his actions too much and switched the hook to the left hand. Kathryn Beaumont who provided the voice for Wendy, also performed the live action reference. In an interview she said she had to hold her arms out and pretend to fly for all the scenes requiring it.

Walt Disney had been trying to buy the film rights to J.M Barries play since 1935, having been smitten by a traveling production of the play when he was a child. Disney secured the rights in 1939, making this the 14th animated Disney film.

Happy birthday Peter!


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