One of the most popular spots in San Francisco, is Alcatraz: it opened August 11, 1934 and after 29 years of operation on March 21, 1963. Some say its closed because of the disappearance of Morris and the Anglins, other say it was a decision made long before the 3 disappeared due to cost. Alcatraz was built as a military prison which was later converted into a federal prison. It housed thousands of prisoners over the years; many killed during prison fight and prisoner take overs which means there are some lingering spirits hanging around.


There have been a ton of reports about voices, footsteps, sounds of cell doors opening and closing along with cold spots throughout the building, mainly in the dining hall. A number of guards have reported extraordinary experiences that include sounds of sobbing, moaning and terrible smells.¬†Unexpected disturbances that occurred in the isolation block of the prison known as “the hole” or the “strip cells”. This level was the bottom floor of the prison in cell block D where they kept inmates who broke the more serious rules of Alcatraz.


A man claimed a strange creature with glowing eyes tortured an inmate. The guard assumed the inmate was crying out for attention but they found him in the morning strangles with hand marks around his neck. According to the autopsy there was no way he could have done it to himself. Some believe the guards on duty did it to him but other believe “The Thing” is to blame. The inmate became a ghost of Alcatraz as he was reported in a line-up with the other unmates but promptly vanished.

Do you believe that Alcatraz is hunted? Or do you thinks it’s just our imagination?


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