New Park Updates 2018!




Pixar Pier finally has an opening date and that is June 23, 2018! So literally right around the corner.

The new Pixar Pier sign has the Luxo Lamp which sits on top of the sign looks it is actually a spotlight which would be really cool.


A new Incredibles themed float for Paint the Night will be premiering in June. As a side note April 23 is when PTN comes back to the parks but the new float wont premier until June.


Walt Disney World:


The upcoming Star Wars hotel will seemingly attach to Galaxy’s Edge in Hollywood Studios. This will be like the California Grand and California Adventure which I find pretty cool.


The Guardians of the Galaxy attraction that will be opening up in EPCOT’s Future World will be a rollercoaster. In fact, the upcoming GOTG attraction will be the worlds longest indoor rollercoaster ever. The new innovated ride system is said to guarantee to WOW guests. It is said to open on the 50th anniversary in 2021.


Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway will premier with a new theme song created specifically for the ride.




Disneyland Paris:


Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel Hotel will be coming to Paris in 2020.


Rock N’ Rollercoaster  will be re-imagined  to an Iron Man and Avengers themed attraction which I find AMAZING! I think this will be a positive update even though I love Aerosmith, I find an Iron Man/Avengers themed ride will be mind blowing!


Hong Kong Disneyland:


A new attraction is heading to Hong Kong Disneyland and it will be themed Ant Man and The Wasp. Personally, I feel like it should be an interesting attraction and I wonder if they will be using any technology or similar technology from Its Tough To Be A Bug and Stitch’s Great Escape on the attractions where we will feel Ant Man and The Wasp running around?

What is your favorite and least favorite updates coming to the Parks? Let me know in the comments below!


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