Golden Gate Park was established in 1871 by John McLarin, who served as the parks superintendent for 53 years. The park currently measures at 1,017 acres of land which currently houses many large music festivals and recreational events such as, Outsidelands, Alice 97.3 summer event, and 4/20. It is also home to many attractions such as the de Young museum, Academy of Science, the Japanese Tea Garden and of course the famously haunted Stow Lake.


Stow Lake is famous for its ghost story involving a mother and her baby. Her story varies but has been told over a 100 years. One story says she killed her baby and herself in the lake, while others say she was walking around the lake when she decided to converse with a women when her babies stroller rolled into the lake. After asking if anyone has seen her baby she went into the lake herself and drowned.


On foggy nights, people have reported seeing a distressed lady in white stalking the rim of the lake. Some say she approaches them begging them to help her find her baby, while others have only heard her cries. It is rumored if you go to Stow Lake today and repeat “white lady, white lady I have your baby” three times she will emerge from the water while other say her statue comes to life.