San Francisco Art Institution​

San Francisco Art Institute is a beautiful building that was built in 1926. From the opening day of January 15, 1927, students thought something wasn’t right about the tower. Bill Morehouse, a live-in night watchman in 1947, claimed to hear footsteps up to the first, second, and third floor where he would watch the handle to his door turn and his door opening and shutting but never saw anyone. An ex-faculty member Wally Hendrick said he was working one night when all the tools in the sculpture studio room would go on. In 1968, the ghostly encounters got worse due to the ghost turning evil. A plague of evilness started occurring to the students who worked the night shift things from motorcycle accidents to family tragedies.


During the renovation in 1968 of the tower, workers reported several encounters with frustrated ghosts who would tear up the furniture. Construction had to be delayed for several months due to a series of near-fatal accidents that were blamed on the spirits. Some construction workers quit due to the fact that they were scared of the site. Psychics were called in where they had a seance in the tower to find out that the “frustrated ghosts” were actually generations of frustrated students.


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