DCA Food & Wine Festival 2018: #1

I absolutely love the Food and Wine festival because I love food. The Food and Wine Festival all about food and wine (obviously) but its six weeks of delicious food and alcoholic beverages. This year I decided to really embrace the F&W festival, instead of what I normally do and not try a lot of the food offerings and who better to go with than my Mom. I think what made this trip even more special was it was completely last minute. My boss was like “you work too hard, you should go to Disneyland this weekend” and of course she didn’t have to tell me twice, so I called my mom she booked us a car and a hotel.


Friday, one of the most exciting nights of my life. Not only were we there for the F&W but I made the executive decision to buy us tickets to go see one of our favorite Chef’s Guy Fieri LIVE! At the Hyperion Theater. Now, the total took me back BUT we do love Guy so I did it kind of going in blind and let me tell you EVERY PENNY WAS WORTH IT!


This year, I also decided to purchase the Sip & Savor pass. Honestly, it was a great purchase I did end up saving some money which was AMAZING! Plus, for the price you get a button at every kiosk which is now rightfully hanging up in my room next to my runDisney medals.


The merchandise was amazing, and although I wanted to buy it all I restrained myself to only buying a hoodie but I did buy a ton of Disney merchandise. I know I didn’t go into detail but that is because they deserve there own blog post so I can ramble on about the experiences that I had.

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