Rumor Has It: March 2018!

There are two rumors I am pretty excited for and needed to do a post on these rumors and two upcoming events! So lets get started!



Rumor has it that Disneyland a real life Pizza Planet. Aliens Pizza Planet- A Better Place will be replacing Redd Rockets Pizza Port in Tomorrowland. Disney hasn’t officially confirmed the opening or if it will be in Disneyland or WDW. So only time will tell.

Together Forever- A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular will premier April 13, 2018 in time for Pixar Fest!


Walt Disney World:

Rumor has it that WDW’s Haunted Mansion will be closing in the near future to accommodate a CoCo overlay. Again, Disney has not official mentioned anything about this CoCo overlay but I think it will be amazing and i’m sure it will only be for a month or two like Disneyland’s Nightmare Before Christmas overlay.

Incredible Summer Celebration will begin May 25 with incredible new attractions, entertainment and more!

I am very excited for both these rumors, I think Redd Rocket turning into Pizza Planet is a smart idea on Disney’s part because who doesn’t love Toy Story? I mean I have always dreamed about eating in Pizza Planet and I feel like if this rumor comes true I will live out my childhood dream. For Haunted Mansion I feel like it would be another cool idea because I love CoCo and for it to have an overlay in the Haunted Mansion I feel like the possibilities are endless and it would be mind blowing to see what Disney could do. What are your thoughts about these rumors? Are you for them or against them?


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