What I Want: Pixar Souvenirs

Along with the food there are quite a few souvenirs I am hoping to pick up on my trip. I am hoping that I can accumulate them all. So here is on my want list:



Boot Beer Root Beer Float- Its a root beer float in Woody’s boot, which has ANDY’S name on the bottom of it (Golden Horseshoe) 


The Little Green Alien Straw Clip- (Alien Pizza Planet)

The Alien Claw Cup- (Emporium, and Five and Dime)


Coco Mug- (Rancho del Zocalo, and Paradise Garden Grill)


Sully Popcorn Bucket and Mike Sipper- They go together literally, you can connect them at the base (Hyperion Theater popcorn cart, New Orleans popcorn cart, and more. The sipper can be found Doughnut stand in front of the castle, Smokejumpers Grill)


Luxo Lamp Jr and Luxo Ball Straw- (Schmoozies)


Little Green Alien Popcorn Bucket- It’s not available until April 24. This is an AP exclusive and will be available for $1 refills

Honestly, I LOVE them all and think they are super cute and amazing souvenirs to add to my collection. What is your favorite souvenir from Pixar Fest? Let me know in the comments below.


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