Pixar Short Films!

I love Pixar Films they are my favorites, but I am super obsessed with Pixar Shorts. They always seem to tug at my heart string I think more then they should. So here are all the Pixar Short Films:


Theatrical Shorts:

  • Andre and Wally B
  • Luxo Jr.
  • Red’s Dream
  • Tiny Toy
  • Knick Knack
  • Geri’s Game
  • For The Birds
  • Boundin’
  • One Man Band
  • Lifted
  • Presto
  • Partly Cloudy
  • Day & Night
  • La Luna
  • Party Central
  • The Blue Umbrella
  • Lava
  • Sanjay’s Super Team
  • Piper
  • Lou
  • Bao

Cars Toon:

  • Tales From Radiator Springs
  • Rescue Squad Mater
  • Mater The Greater
  • El Materdor
  • Unidentified Flying Mater
  • Tokyo Mater
  • Monster Truck Mater
  • Heavy Metal Mater
  • Moon Mater
  • Mater Private Eye
  • Air Mater
  • Time Travel Mater

Toy Story Toons:

  • Hawaiian Vacation
  • Small Fry
  • Partysaurus Rex
  • Toy Story OF TERROR
  • Toy Story That Time Forgot

Home Entertainment:

  • Mikes New Car
  • Jack-Jack Attack
  • Mater and the Ghost Light
  • Your Friend the Rat
  • BURN-E


What Pixar Short is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!


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