So for a while now Disney planned to reboot Hocus Pocus as a Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM) but what I never expected was Disney was working of a book, Hocus Pocus and the All-New Sequel. The title implies that the first part of the book will be retelling the story of the original film and the second part will take place years after the original events. Max and Allison are married and have a 17 year old daughter named Poppy. Someone from the family will awaken Winifred and her friends from the great beyond.


The book is rumored to drop July 10, 2018, but have no fear if you are not a fan of reading the TV sequel is still coming together. Disney has a brand new cast, director, along with a brand new writer Scarlett Lacey. There is still no date on when the DCOM is suppose to happen, I hope its not a super long wait. One thing I am really sad about is Kenny Ortega, he was the films original director and has also directed a couple of other Disney movies. Honestly, I am excited to see what the book has to offer story wise and of course I am so interested in the DCOM and hopefully it will give the original justice. What are your thoughts on everything? Let me know in the comments.