Incredible Foodie Guide!

If you plan on visiting the Walt Disney World for the Incredible Summer festivities, here are some foods you should definitely check out:


  • Super Stretchy Burger (Cosmic Rays Starlight Cafe)- Flamed grilled angus beef, with deep fried mozzerella sticks, American cheese, bacon and topped with garlic ranch sauce.
  • Super Food Salad (Cosmic Rays Starlight Cafe)- Kale and spinach with quinoa, avocado, blueberries and pico de gallo.


  • No Capes, Just Crepes (Auntie Gravity’s Goodies)- Chocolate hazelnut crepe topped with ice cream and berries or blackberry jam crepe topped with ice cream and fruit flavored cereal.
  • Mrs. Incredible Pretzel Mask (The Launching Pad)- Pretzel with black salt served with cheese or mustard.
  • Jack Jack Cookies (The Launching Pad)- Mini chocolate chip cookies.
  • Blueberry Sno-Cone(Tomorrowland Carts)- Inspired by the Super Frozone, guests can cool themselves off by getting this chilling treat.


I am hoping I am able to go to go because EVERYTHING at the incredible summer sounds DELICIOUS!!! I think what I am most looking forward to trying is Frozone’s Blue raspberry sno-cone.


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