The Curran Theater!

November 28, 1933, Geary Street was filled with people waiting to take their seats for the revival of Show Boat, which only had four performances left at the Curran Theater and two days before Thanksgiving a man shoved his way to the front of the line at the Box Office. Without a word a man pulled out a revolver and killed Hewlett Tarr the ticket taker of the nights performance, with one shot. Tarr acquired his position after graduating Lowell High School, to support his single mother. It took the police three weeks to catch the 25 year old electrician Eddie Anderson, who claims to have shot Tarr because he wanted easy money to show his girlfriend bight lights. Anderson admitted to committing robberies because his professional job did not provide enough funds.


Guests who visit the theater say that Tarr has never left, they see him standing in the lobby while others say you can see him in the mirror of the lobby. Some, have reported a little girl  haunts the theater as well. Reports say that the little girl died across the street from the theater. The next time you visit Curran Theater, keep a look out for some ghosts hanging around.


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