Mickeys Halloween Party 2018!

Holiday’s in the Parks, is my absolute favorite! I find it super magical and breathtaking and since I haven’t been to Mickey’s Halloween Party in years and there have been so many changes to the party, I had to buy tickets even if it means ditching school for one day. I mean is there really a comparison? Disneyland, Halloween fireworks, decorations, shows, costumes, food, Haunted Mansion Holiday, Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy, and trick or treating vs. school…no comparison what so ever!


October 19 is when I will be attending the party and I have my costume all ready and picked out. The hard part is I want to keep it a secret until 10/19 but we will see how well that goes because I am super stoked about it so I might blow it fingers crossed I don’t! Also, if you are planning on attending the party while I am there please come and say Hi! I will have some mini Oogie Boogie bows and hopefully, some Sanderson Sister inspired bows that I will be handing out. So will you attend Mickey’s Halloween Party?


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