Mary Ellen Pleasant Memorial Park

The neighborhood of Pac Heights have some spooky tales about the rich and famous, stories that include allegations of murder, voodoo, blackmail, seances, family feuds and hidden treasures. Todays ghost story is about the 19th century voodoo queen of San Francisco Mary Ellen Pleasant also known as Mother of civil rights. Pleasant was a speculated as a murderer when her lover had fallen to his death from the second story of their Octavia street home also known as the House of Mystery House.


Some say she blackmailed some of the richest men in San Francisco and practiced voodoo. The voodoo rumors were never confirmed or denied but she encouraged the rumors by walking around the streets with a crystal ball in her hand. Pleasant passed away January 4, 1904 and even though she passed away residents and neighbors still claimed to see her spirit hanging around. Unfortunately, the house burned down in 1925 and was replaced by Green’s Eye Hospital in 1927. Mary Ellen Memorial Park, one of the smallest parks in San Francisco where her spirit now hangs about. Some say if you make a respectful request of the voodoo priestess and find favor with Mary it will come true. If you disrespect her or say bad things about her expect objects to be dropped on your head, or fallen suddenly as if someone pushed you. Be careful of what you say when visiting the park, you never know who might be lurking as a crow or in her human form.


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