The San Francisco Columbarium

The Columbarium is San Francisco’s one of a kind historical landmark originally built in 1897 by British architect Bernard J. Cahill. Unfortunately, in 1902-1910 cemetery burials and cremations were banned and people were forced to move their families remains elsewhere leaving the Columbarium abandoned. In 1980 The Neptune Society bought the building asking Emmitt Watson to continue his work on the building. He has been painting, gardening and parking while leading services, internments and tours at the Columbarium for about half his life.


The San Francisco Columbarium is home to many of San Francisco’s well known and influential citizens. Eddy, Steiner, Haight, Page and Shattuck, famous citizens who were memorialized throughout the city with streets bearing their names. You can also find other well known and famous names such as: The Folger family, the creators of Folger’s Coffee, Chet Helms father of the city’s 1967’s ‘Summer of Love;’ Jerry Fuel, the writer and puppeteer for The Muppets, Jose Santana the renowned musician and father of Carlos Santana, along with many other famous names.



The Columbarium was one of the few structures to survive in the 1906 earthquake and fires which killed 3,00 San Francisco. if you wanted to visit the San Francisco Columbarium and Funeral home is located at 1 Lorain Ct. San Francisco Ca.


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