Skyline Lounge Review!

Saturday 7/7/18 was one of the best nights EVER! I was able to go to the Tomorrowland Skyline Lounge with my mom, two older cousins and their practically perfect little one also known as my baby cousin (BC), so here is my review about the Skyline Lounge.

We all checked in about 8:10pm because my BC was at the Pixar Dance Party, so we walked over to the cast member (Josh) at the bottom of the lounge where we received a wristband and lanyard this is also where we payed. Once everything was settled, we were told the rules of the lounge. Once, the rules were explained we headed up the ramp where we were handed our plate of goodies and waited to be seated.

Once we took our seats, we were seated with another family who were very sweet. We had a really nice time with them and it really made the experience twenty times nicer. While we waited for the fireworks to start we played jenga, connect 4, and lightsabers  with my BC. Then Minnie Mouse came out to play and say hey. My BC also got a once in a lifetime experience and that was to play connect 4 with Minnie, BUT what made my heart completely and utterly melt was when the fireworks started at 9:30 we had my BC stand on the chair so she could see over the railings and about 5 minutes into the fireworks my BC put her arms around mine and my moms shoulder and that is how we watched the show, with her arms around us and we got a kiss every now and then.

Overall the experience was amazing and the cast members were there if we needed anything. Being up there was very relaxing and the view was INCREDIBLE even before the fireworks watching the sun go down was beautiful. Would I do this again? I think so, the smile that my cousin had priceless and the entire experience was completely magical and I really enjoyed everything about the Tomorrowland Skyline Lounge.


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