Trinity + St Peter’s Episcopal Church although holy is favorite by ghosts. It was founded in 1849, designed by A. Page Brown. This is the oldest Episcopal church on the West Coast and it survived the 1906 Earthquake and fire without damage. The congregation of Trinity Episode Church and St. Peters Church merged into one in 2014 making it Trinity + St. Peter’s Episcopal Church.


Church goers claim to have seen a gray figure make it’s way from the mens bathroom, disappear through a wall that’s on the other side of the hall, but the gray figure isn’t the only one to roam the church but some will notice a shadow of a person dancing on the walls. Now, if you are really lucky you will come across a spirit who wheres a white suit but wit this one is known for his death stare!


If you decide too visit the church make sure to just stand inside a while because you will most likely experience a 3 directional draft. You can find the church at 1620 Gough Street, San Francisco Ca. Will you attend church to catch a glimpse of the ghosts that haunt it?