1000 Lombard Street!

Pat Montandon known for being a socialite. In 1967 she wrote a book called “How to be a Party Girl” then began hosting a TV show “Pats Prized Movie” where she became close friends with Mary Louise Ward aka Mary Lou. Montandon had a zodiac themed party where the hired Tarot Card reader got angry cursing the house. The house had cold spells and appearing and disappearing bloodstains on the ceiling.Two weeks after the party, Pat arrived home and noticed her home had been ransacked, things were missing while others destroyed. The mysterious part of it was their was no evidence of a break in. There are four deaths associated with the house, three of them consisted of two of Montandan’s guests committed suicide, while her best friend passed away from a fire that broke out in the master bedroom. The mysterious part they were all unmarried females.


Some say that once Pat Montandan moved out, the ghostly encounters had stopped. So, was it an actual curse on the house or Pat herself? Or was it all a coincidence? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.


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