The Spirit of Halloweentown takes place in St. Helens, Oregon because they were proud to have the DCOM Halloweentown film there and since then have put on the Spirit of Halloweentown. Each year the town decorates itself like the movie, and each year it gets bigger and bigger, and KJB (Marnie) has been attending for a while now.


In 2016 when Debbie Reynolds passed they even did a tribute for her where the Cromwell Family attended the event to pay their respect to Grandma Aggie. This year is the 20th anniversary of the movie (October 17, 1998), this year though, the entire cast will be there including Kalabar. The cast of Halloweentown will be in St. Helens October 13, 2018.


So if you want to join the celebration or learn more about the festivities check out their website! I am hoping to make it out this year because I love Halloweentown and have been trying to get out there since forever. Will you join in St. Helens Halloweentown festivities?