Many say the labyrinth layout of the house was meant to confuse the ghost, allowing Sarah some peace. This meant Sarah had issued bizarre demands such as trap doors, secret passages, skylights in the floors, spider web windows, stairs leading to no where and other odd requests like doors opening to walls or doors on the second story leading to a drop to the yard below and so much more. Sarah had an obsession with the number 13. The house had 13 lanes windows, 13 paneled ceilings, 13 step stairways, 13 bathrooms and the 13th bathroom contained 13 windows of its own, while her will was signed 13 times.


One theory of claims Sarah was creating a house with a puzzle of encryptions that were inspired by the work of philosopher Francis Bacon. They say that there are clues to the houses meaning hidden in the ballroom. The theory suggests that Sarah was a member of a mystical society like the Rosicrucian or Freemasons or even both. Other speculations say she was trying to repeat the experience she had with her husband William when they built their home in New Haven. While others say she was just crazy because she lived by herself.


Although Sarah Winchester was reclusive she was never alone in the house. She had 18 servants, 18 gardeners, and the construction team working on the grounds 24/7. Sarah Met with the foreman to discuss the always evolving building plans. Every night she would visit the seance room to speak with the spirits who gave their input on the plans for the houses unusual design.