13 Nights of Halloween 2018: Day 1

In honor of 25 Years of Hocus Pocus I thought it would be fun to share some filming locations for the movie!

maxresdefault-1.jpgMax and Dani’s House

4 Ocean Ave. Salem Ma 01970


Allison’s House (Ropes Mansion)

318 Essex St. Salem, Ma 01970


Old Town Hall

161 Essex St. Salem, Ma 01970


Pioneer Village/Salem Village

310 W Ave. Salem, Ma 01970


John Bailey High School (Phillips Elementary School)

Phillips School Salem Ma, 01970


Salem Common

N Washington Square, Salem Ma, 01970


Old Burial Hill

Orne St. Marblehead Ma, 01970

*This is the day time cemetery.


Count Orloks Nightmare Gallery

217 Essex St. Salem Ma, 01970

*This is not a filming location for the movie but there is a Winnifred Sanderson. Its a museum and haunted house throughout the summer and October.

Honestly I suggest checking them out if you are a fan of the movie because they are all right there in walking distance of each other.

Over in LA we have some other recognizable houses from the movie!

Devils House

6536 Friends Ave. Whittier Ca.

Trick or Treat House

6546 Friends Ave. Whittier Ca.

East Whittier middle school

14421 Whittier blvd. Whittier Ca.

Park and Fountain

Southern portion of Warner Brothers Ranch (Near the main entrance).

*This is where the kids celebrated after they thought they killed the Sanderson Sisters.

Griswald Residence on Blondie St. (Warner Brothers Ranch)

*Its the house behind Max and Dani’s. It is also in the scene when Sarah drives the city bus.

Halloween Party Scene (The MacAuthors Elk Hall)

607 S. Park View St. LA Ca.

Again if you are a fan of the movie these are definitely places you would want to check out because you will feel like you are in the movie!


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