13 Nights of Halloween: Day 2

Mickey’s Halloween Party Review!

Wow! Let me just tell you, I’ve been to Mickey’s Halloween Party before BUT this night was AMAZING and dare I say even more magical than the others.

When I first got there, there was a lot of people, but it was ok because I had a plan to take things slowly and of course that is what I did. Some of the treat trails were completely packed while others had no one. Yes, you read correctly NO ONE WAS IN LINE!! So those ones I just kept going around and around and around until I got dizzy or until people showed up.

My all-time favorite treat trail I discovered towards the end of the night right before the fireworks because I wanted to make sure that I saw those and the second parade, of course, watching the Headless Horseman because come on he is so awesome. Any-who, back to my treat trail was at the entrance of the park in the Hall of President. This one consisted of 7 candy stops and two of those candy stops were coffins!

Now, if you were looking for some great convo and HANDFULS of candy then this was the trail for you. This one never had anyone, occasionally one or two people and the BEST cast members working because they were talkative, playful and just all around amazing!


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