25 Days of Blogmas 2018: Day 18!

Winter weight and a new routine!

The past couple of months have been super stressful for the pups and I. My grandma had a major fall breaking her shoulder and has gone through two major surgeries at 80 years old. So for the past three months, our routine has been a bit out of whack. Today, the pups had a checkup and basically, they have gained some weight along with me…so, in order for all of us to get this winter weight off and get back into shape, I have rearranged our current whacky schedule:

Morning Routine:

  • 5:20am-walk#1
  • 5:30am-brush teeth, trim nails, and clean ears
  • 5:40am-breakfast
  • 5:50-walk#2
  • 6am get ready for work

After school/work:

  • 4:45pm-5:45- visit Nana
  • 5:55pm-walk#4
  • 6:05pm-dinner
  • 6:30pm-walk#5
  • 6:40pm-homework/cuddles
  • 8:30pm-run
  • 8:40pm-mini workout/Doga
  • 9pm-teeth, face and bed

Obviously, this is the goal but I’m sure things will be changing consistently due to different circumstances throughout the day but this is what we will try an aim for. Also, the pups do get treats throughout the day, I am fortunate that my dad is maintenance for my apartment building so they are never really alone. I did skip #3 walk because my mom stops by my house and I know for a fact that she will be walking them when she gets there. As you can guess my littles are very loved and never really alone.


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