Disney After Dark: 90’s Nite Specialty Food!

I love Disney After Dark especially the specialty foods, so when I got a hold of the 90’s nite foods, I made a list of my own foods that I can’t wait to try!

Alien Pizza Planet:

Asian Chicken Salad $10.49

BBQ Chicken Pizza (slice) $8.99

Galactic Grill:

Fried Food Basket $1049

Fried cheese curds, onion petals and ranch dusted fries served with chipotle ranch dipping sauce

Gibson Girl Ice Cream

Choco-cones (available after 9pm) $6.29

Jolly Holiday:

Mini Bagel Pizza $7.49

Donut Holes Nachos $9.99

Toasted Strawberry Strudel $4.99

Mint Julep BAr:

Cherry or Sour Apple Dip Beignets- 3pack $5.49 or 6 pack $8.99

Rancho del Zocalo:

Fry Bread Tacos $12.99

Red Rose Tavern:

Pepperoni Pizza Bagel Twist $6.99

Grey Stuff Shake $7.49

Refreshment Corner:

Circle up Hot Dog (available after 9pm) $9.49

I am so excited to try these new foods tomorrow night! Will you be there?


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