New Food and Merch in Galaxy’s Edge​

The Disneyland Resort or, more specifically, Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge in not only opening up Rise of the Resistance today, January 17, 2020, but new food and merchandise have landed on the planet Batuu.

Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo/ Ronto Roasters

  • Black Spire Hot Chocolate topped with Shimmering Whipped Cream

Milk Stand

  • Toydaria Swirl- Savory chili lime seasoning and mango jelly

Jat Kass’s Coolers

  • Galma Garlic Puffed Cheese Chips

There is a new collection of Resistance march, which includes T-shirts, a Tumblr, baseball cap, and an exclusive pin. If you prefer the First Order, you can find the First Order short-range evacuation vehicle playset.


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