10 Fan-Tastic Milestone Pin Set

10 years of the Official Disney Fan Club in 2019! In celebration of this milestone D23 has put together a monumental Disney anniversary set of pins. So if you are a D23 Gold Member or a D23 Gold Family Member you are in luck!

  1. The Skeleton Dance (90 years)
  2. Donald Duck (85 years)
  3. Marvel Comics (80 years)
  4. Disneyland Television Series (65 years)
  5. Haunted Mansion(50 Years)
  6. The Muppet Movie (40 years)
  7. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (35 years)
  8. The Little Mermaid (30 years)
  9. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (25 years)

10. Up (10 years)

I am super stoked to get these beautiful pin set. I think I have the perfect place in the house for these gorgeous pins!


13 Nights of Halloween 2018: Day 10

Today was an insane day. My mom and I landed in the OC at 10am went to Disneyland for about an hour and then drove from Disneyland to the Walt Disney Studios for the D23 event 25 Spooktacular years fo Hocus Pocus where Kenny Ortega had a Q & A which he talked about the movie and of course the Free Form specials along with Newsies, HSM, and Descendants.

We then watched Hocus Pocus on the Walt Disney Studios movie theater with popcorn and water. We also got to see one of the original Books that was used in the movie which was really cool. Once the movie had ended we got our goodie bags that had our mugs and pins. We then did some shopping at the Walt Dinsey Studio Store and the Walt Dinsey Studio Employee store (I can’t remember the correct name but you get the picture) where I bought a couple more things I shouldn’t have.

After waiting in line for an hour and a half for the employee store, I finally made it in and bought some exclusive merch that I am absolutely in heaven with.


D23: Tickets Acquired For 25 Spooktacular Years Of Hocus Pocus!

Today at 10am the tickets went on sale for the D23 event for Hocus Pocus and I’m not even kidding they sold out in like two minutes! For me I’m use to ticketed events selling out fast because I sign up for runDisney events all the time BUT this had to be a major record!

I bought my tickets at 10am, filled everything out and then BAYUM 3 minutes later when I got back to the upcoming events page ‘Sold Out’! My mind was blown! Not only did I get the first event that I wanted to attend as a D23 member I also get to meet other hocus Pocus fans. Are you a fan of Hocus Pocus?


D23: 25 Spooktacular Years of Hocus Pocus!

For the D23 Gold Members, there will be a 25 Years of Hocus Pocus happening Oct. 28, 2018 at the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank Ca. As you probably guessed, from all the Hocus Pocus I have been talking about, I have to go to this event…so, I did soemthing crazy and bought a D23 Gold Family Membership to attend this Hocus Pocus event.


Yes, I purchased a D23 membership for Hocus Pocus because I am that ridiculous and crazy…but hear me out…Kenny Ortega will be there doing a behind the scenes Q&A. If you do not know who Kenny Ortega is, I will update you right now on some of the Disney films he has directed:


Kenny Ortega-

  • Newsies (1992)
  • Hocus Pocus (1993)
  • High School Musical 1, 2, & 3 (2006, 2007 & 2008)
  • The Cheetah Girls 2 (2006)
  • Descendants (2015)
  • Descendants 2 (2017)
  • Descendants (2019)


He is a brilliant director, and ever since watching Newsies, I have ALWAYS wanted to meet Kenny because I think he is AMAZING! During this event, we will also watch Hocus Pocus in the historic  Studio Theater where we will also be receiving the Official Disney Fan Club popcorn bucket (filled with popcorn), bottled water and an exclusive set of collectible Hocus Pocus mugs created especially for the celebration.

Now, I was personally sold at Kenny Ortega Q&A but reading on I am completely stoked for this event. Tickets will go on sale for September 18, 2018, so wish me luck on getting tickets to this event!


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