One Good Deed

Today like a dum dum i left my lights on in my car. I found out while i was at school, my mom said that my car wouldn’t start and it was making a weird noise when she tried to turn the lights off. I know a little about cars, and can do certain things BUT a car battery was a whole different story for me.

BUT our amazingly awesome and sweet maintenance guy fixed the problem and got my car to start and run again. I dont know how i am going to repay him for what i did. He could have ignored the fact my lights were on and just let my car sit until i need to use it again which would have been the next day.

I am very thankful there are caring people in the world, and i will be forever grateful and try and be the best person i could be everyday because this whole situation could have gone a completely different way.


Lokai Bracelet

website_photo_8_a3c956ac-9de4-48f5-b95d-4cd17c209580_2048x2048Sometimes in your life you hit a low in your life, the black beed of the bracelet, hold mud from the dead sea which is the lowest part of the earth it represent the lowest and saddest of times. But you have to stay hopeful.

Other times in your life you feel like you are on top of the world. The white beed of the bracelet carries water from Mount Everest the highest part of the earth representing when you feel invincible but its also a reminder to stay humble in life.normal-2The classic bracelet is a reminder to stay humble no matter where i am in life. 12038323_10153288805975753_5596716087452147367_n-300x300The pink Lokai bracelet is for all the men and women who are fighting cancer. I know this bracelet represents breast cancer, in my family we have lost a hand full of family members pass away from different kinds of cancer so i know how hard it is to lose a family member to this disease. This bracelet for me represents my loved ones and how hard they fought and stayed brave.

I really like what Lokai stands for and thought i would share there story along with mine.


Stay Positive.

Sometimes it takes an hour talk with your grandma to make you feel better!images-5I dont know why but for the past two day my anxiety and stress level has been super ridiculous…I wasn’t able to sleep and i was panicking for no reason or stressing over something silly. Normally i can stay pretty positive and look for a silver lining in every situation but i couldn’t shake the negative feelings. quote-positiveThis morning when i woke up i was still feeling pretty poorly so i called my nana and had a nice hour long chat with her. We just talked about movies and how she was doing and just random things. In the end she reminded to stay positive and keep my chin up, and just like that my negativeness was gone. i am really grateful and thankful that i can rely on my nana, and just call her up when i need to talk. Positive-Quotes-2In the end you might not be having a good day, but there is always something good in the day.


Strut Your Mutt!

Hey Puppy Lovers! 

 This year the pups and I found out about this awesome organization that raises money to help save lives of homeless pets across the country! 

Call me crazy but the pups and I have registered and the walk is in 3 days!  Crazy right? None the less we are so excited and fortunate to help out pups in need and if you would like to donate,  join our team or just see what it is here is some info! 


You and anyone you know with the swag to strut for homeless pets in San Francisco or around the nation


A leisurely fundraising dog walk with (or without) your dog followed by a doggie themed festival that includes pet contests, photos, doggie goodies, fun activities for you and your furry friend, food, refreshments and more!! 


McLaren Park, 100 John F Shelley Dr. SF Ca


Saturday October 3, 2015

Registration opens at 9am: walk at 10:30am: Festival will end at 2pm


To raise money for your favorite local animal welfare group (any of ‘best friends’ local no more homeless pets network partners) or best friends animal society to help save them all! 

So if you are interested please feel free to leave a comment below! Or just follow my link to get to the City pups page! 

 Thank you for all your support ahead of time!! And if you are in the San Francisco are please feel free to find us and say hi!!! We love making new friends!!! 


Morning Routine: Puppy Edition

Good Morning puppy lovers!!!To start the morning off, the pups and I get up at 6am and go for a 20 minute run. When we are done, I put 1 cup of water in the microwave for three minutes, put nice fresh cold water out, change the pee pad, put the pups hair up and then I start getting ready!10479531_10201342071754121_3985726905276709542_nAfter i am done getting ready, we lay in the bed for a couple of minutes while I check my phone, 1966830_644885655570722_215709009_nwe than work on some tricks, tidy up the room and put there toys away. Then the pups and i eat, and i am off to work, while the pups snuggle up with my baby cousin and mom until i get home!11188154_10202702426322135_5028250078458906340_nThis is our daily morning routine that works best for us and our schedule! I love spending time cuddling with the pups especially in the morning because they are just the sweetest little things ever! I know i cant be the only one who has a specific morning routine with there pups, so if you have one please feel free to share yours with me in the comments below!!


Why I runDisney?

why do i runDisney?

1607041_10200378596627845_114054550_nI want to prove to myself that even though i might be in pain or hit a wall, if you just keep pushing though the end result is so much sweeter. Each run has new memories, and each medal is a new milestone. 10991074_10202324409511951_1193194378298679368_nI was born with Spina Bifida, which is a neural tube defect in my lower back. I wasn’t suppose to walk but i beat the odds. I have ran runDisney for about two years now with back to back races. I have noticed that with every run it gets harder and harder to go on, and i have always thought the more you run, the easier it gets. Unfortunately thats not the case for me.10530906_10201846271198792_535678980723254960_nHaving Spina Bifida, i am in constant pain everyday of my life, some days are better some days are worse…BUT knowing there are so many people at the event cheering you on, watching you succeed, i dont think I’m quite ready to give that up…The memories are magical, you just got to chase after your dreams, and never give up! runDisney is a lifestyle.



Lets Get Down To Business


Many of you have heard about runDisney, if you haven’t Disney hosts many different running events on Disney property, where each event is themed differently with different medals, originally you can run in Disneyland or Disney World BUT starting in 2016 Disneyland Paris will be hosting there first ever runDisney event, and it is true that every mile is a magic mile! Unknown-2But i am not here to talk about the runDisney event itself BUT more so on how to build your confidence to start your running journey! Its not about weight in any means, its about living a better lifestyle and finding that anything is possible if you just believe.


Most people dont believe they can run, many of us make up many excuses on why we can’t and just give up, BUT we all know that Disney likes to push the boundaries. So instead of me going on and on about you need to just start your running we will take it slow and build up to that magic mile!


Don’t be intimidated, working out may not be the most funnest thing in the world BUT if you are a Disney fan like me you might like what i have in-store. Disney is all about embracing your inner child, believing in the impossible so to start us off we will be embracing our Disney side! Silly right? Trust me its a lot of fun to do the impossible so will you be jointing me? I have the perfect plan to get you on your way to your first ever event! So keep calm and runDisney!



The Challenge

So my friends and i decided that after we got off of work we would go to McDonalds and buy three 20 piece chicken nuggets and see how many we can eat in 60 seconds…great idea right?


Not really…I dont like McDonalds nor do i eat late because than i feel sick to my tummy….BUT i decided it would be fun so i went ahead and joined in on the challenge…when we got the chicken nuggets we went back to work because where better to have an eating contest than at a gym…Shameful i know…

It was actually a lot of fun, Obviously i lost along with my friend Lena we ate 4 in 60 seconds but in my defense they were super hot…and in her defense she only ordered 4. My friend Sam came in second with 7 than our friend Harry AKA the Greek God came in first by eating 9…he kicked our butts,

Our other friends Deante kept track of time while our other friend Claudia recorded us stuffing our faces! As you can probably tell we are very very close co workers…or just super mad like the hatter! All and all i had a pretty good night and can’t wait to edit the video and post it up so everyone can laugh at us… 🙂




In with the positive out with the negative.   Disney has always played a major role in my life. For me it’s a get away from the real world and where my childish behavior and thinking is actually accepted, no matter what age I am.

 But for those days I can’t be in a Disney park, I have my pups who fill my life with an endless supply of happiness and love. I guess you can say I’m the crazy dog lady because my two pups are my world! I mean what can I say? They are just way too cute!!!  No matter how much life changes or gets Disney and pups will always stay consistent and positive in my life, which as crazy as life can get is pretty awesome to have something pretty consistent! I mean you are not a true Disney fan if you have never given out Disney advice!

Disney+Dogs=Life explains me perfectly! After all this is just a journey through my eyes!



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