Ice skating 2018!

The tradition got a little bit bigger! This year our family tradition just added on two more cousins and an aunt into our ice skating tradition!

Two of my younger cousins have joined the annual cousin ice skating tradition in Union Square. My baby cousin Anthony and little cousin Taylor. Mid Taylie was a pro skater, while my cousin Anthony well he loved to fall and take down the cousins that were in his reach!

None the less we had a lot of fun and made some memories and bruises that will last a lifetime! Ducks fly together!


Did You Know: Alice In Wonderland Dark Ride (Disneyland)

Did you know, 

On June 14, 1958 came the second attraction based on the movie Alice in Wonderland.  
The beginning of the ride a caterpillar takes you up a hill and comes down the hill at the end.  The Alice In Wonderland attraction is actually on the second floor of the building that houses Mr. Toads Wild Ride.  

Curiouser and curiouser, which is one of the reasons I love this ride! 


Disney Cup Collections

Welcome back to blogmas day 23!! With Christmas just around the corner I thought it would be fun to share my little Disney cup, mug, sippy collection! So let’s get started!!!! 

Here are 37 cups, mugs, and sippys!!! Now I started off with just one and it grew to another and another and bayum 36 more cups later! A big shout out to my Aunty Rosie who recently added to my collection which is awesome! I have some from Disneyland, Disney World and a collectible from Burger King. 

These are my favorite cups, I use these on a daily basis…it’s pretty bad considering I have so many to choose from but for three of the mugs I use them because they are so big, and can fit more tea! 

But my al time favorite sipper is BB-8! I recently got this at the parks and I don’t use it BUT it’s the GREATEST thing ever invented!! He is such a cute little droid! 

What is your all time favorite Disney cup that you own? Let me know in the comments below!!! 


On This Day: The Three Caballeros

Blogmas day 21!

December 21, 1944 Los Tres Caballeros premiered in Mexico City! 

The film follows Donald Duck and two of his pals Jose Carioca representing Portuguese and Panchito Pistoles representing Mexico in there journey through Latin America! 

The Three Caballeros was Disneys first attempt at combining live action and animation. Surprising enough it was nominated for two academy awards. 

The movie was released in the United States on February 3, 1945, it was the seventh animated movie in the Disney animated features canon. 

This is easily one of my favorites I love all the music and the crazy adventures or troubles they get themselves into!! 


Disney Did You Know?!

Blogmas day 19 and I thought it would be fun to do a Disney did you know on Dumbo! So here are 5 fun facts! 

1. Dumbo is the only lead character in a Disney film not to speak.

2. Water colors were used to create the backgrounds for the movie.

3. Dumbo won the Best Animation design award at the Cannes Film Festival in 1947. It also won the best original music score at the 1941 academy awards.

4. You can find a stuffed dumbo in the film The Great Mouse Detective

5. Dumbo wa star 4th animated movie created by the Walt Disney Production.


Favorite DCA Holiday Treats

Welcome back to blooms day 11 today i will be sharing my top 5 Favorite holiday treats from Disney California Adventure, so let get eating!

1. Boudin’s Bread.

    -Although I am born and raised in SF and can go to boudin’s whenever, the holiday bread in DCA is so much more magical which is why it’s on my list! 

2. Mango Bar

   – I love a kick to my food and this mango bar with chamoy and tajin is hands down the greatest thing ever invented! so if you like a little spice you should definitely try this out! It’s amazing! 

3. Warm Hugs White Hot Cocoa

    -I LOVE white hot chocolate and add some really cool minty marshmallows I am in heaven! You can find this in Olaf’s Snow Fest. 

4. Holiday Brownie Skewer

    -This is delicious! It’s a skewer with brownie, strawberry, chocolate and caramel sauce, marshmallows and of course sprinkles!! 

 5.  Bunuelo  
     -Cinnamon, sugar covered crisp tortillas, are a holiday favorite in my family so whenever I don’t have to make them makes them so much more magical plus it’s Disney so everything tastes so much better! 

As you can probably tell I have a sweet tooth! I love the holiday season and I think I love it more because of all the holiday foods. What are some of your favorite DCA holiday foods? 


Disney Did You Know?

Welcome back to blogmas day 9! Today I thought it would be fun to do a couple of random Disney did you knows! So here we go! 

1. The Haunted Mansion hitchhiking ghosts have names. They are, Ezra, Phineas and Gus.

2. Animal Kingdom is Walt Disney Worlds largest park. It is 500 acres.

3. The toolbox in Sids room of torture has the Binford logo on it, Binford is a fictional tool company from Tim Allens (Buzz) TV show, Home Improvement. 

4. Laurie Metcalf (Aunt Jackie from Roseanne) is the voice of Andy’s mom. 

5. Johnathan freeman who voiced Jafar in the Movie Aladdin also plays him in the Broadway show. 

I hope you guys enjoyed these 5 awesome did you knows! Let me know any fun facts you may know in the comments below! 


Favorite Disneyland Holiday Treats

It is Day 7 on the Countdown to Christmas and i thought it would be fun to share my top 5 FAVORITE Disneyland Holiday Snacks, so lets get started!

1.Salted Caramel Macaron

2. Christmas Chocolate Dipped Pretzels and Marshmallows

3. Christmas Ornament Candy Apples

4. Christmas Cupcakes

5. Peppermint Funnel Cake

I dont care to much for peppermint BUT i do love all the festive foods, and Disneyland definitely has a lot of them to choose from but i find myself getting these pretty much all the time during the holiday season, do you have a favorite holiday food? let me know in the comments below i would love to hear your top 5! 🙂


That’s So Raven

One of my all time FAVORITE Disney Channel shows was Thats So Raven, which aired January 17, 2003 until November 10, 2007.  This show introduces the Baxter family as they manage there daughter Raven’s (Raven Simone) ability to see into the future.  This show definitely made some Disney Channel History because it was one of the shows to  break its own “65 limit” (where Disney will cancel a show after 65 episodes to keep it from going stale and from collecting residuals). That’s So Raven was also the first Disney Channel Show to break 100 episode and the first to have a spin off series, which was Corey in the House. 


The original name for the character Raven was Dawn Baxter and the show was originally called ‘The Future is on Me’, they then changed Dawn to Rose and the show was going to be called ‘Absolutely Psychic’ and finally, ‘That’s So Raven’. Not only did the character go through a lot of name changes along with the title of the show BUT so did the role of the best friend, Chelsea’s original name was Emma, who was originally the role of the Psychic.

If you have ever watched the show you may or may not recognize the school, if it seemed familiar in any way its because its the same school set they used for the show Saved By The Bell which was another one of my favorite shows.

  The filming for “That’s So Raven” was done in studio like many TV shows, but the story was set in San Francisco and if you are ever in the city you can find the home from the opening credits at 461 Ashbury Street, which is right on the corner of Ashbury and Page and believe me when you see it you will know its the house. Just make sure you are respectful to the people who live in there. 


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