Disney Did You Know?!?!: Disneyland

Did you know,


Euro Disney now known as Disneyland Paris is only the second resort to open outside the US. Tokyo Disneyland was the first opening April 15th 1983 while Disneyland Paris opened April 12, 1992.

Have you been to either of these Disney Resorts? Let me know int he comments below.


On This Day: Goofy 


May 25, 1932 Goofy was born!!! 

Goofy’s original name was Dippy Dawg. He first debut in Mickeys Revue May 25, 1932. 

Later in the year Dippy Dawg was re-imagined as more of a younger dog with a new name…Goofy.

Two of Goofys shorts were nominated for an Oscar: How To Play Football and Aquaman. In the 1960 three more Goofy shorts were produced. 

Goofy has to be the best character, he doesn’t like upsetting his friends and is always there when you need him. He’s also a great dad to his son Max!! How could you not love this adorable dog! 

Happy Birtday Goofy!!! 

Disney Did You Know?!

Blogmas day 19 and I thought it would be fun to do a Disney did you know on Dumbo! So here are 5 fun facts! 

1. Dumbo is the only lead character in a Disney film not to speak.

2. Water colors were used to create the backgrounds for the movie.

3. Dumbo won the Best Animation design award at the Cannes Film Festival in 1947. It also won the best original music score at the 1941 academy awards.

4. You can find a stuffed dumbo in the film The Great Mouse Detective

5. Dumbo wa star 4th animated movie created by the Walt Disney Production.


Disney Did You Know!?

It is blogmas day 17,

Did you know that you can find Goofy, Donald and Mickey Mouse in the beginning of The Little Mermaid, you can spot them briefly as King Triton rides by.

If you look really really close you may also be able to spot Kermit The Frog! So next time you watch the movie be sure to keep your eyes peeled!


Disney Did You Know?

Welcome back to blogmas day 9! Today I thought it would be fun to do a couple of random Disney did you knows! So here we go! 

1. The Haunted Mansion hitchhiking ghosts have names. They are, Ezra, Phineas and Gus.

2. Animal Kingdom is Walt Disney Worlds largest park. It is 500 acres.

3. The toolbox in Sids room of torture has the Binford logo on it, Binford is a fictional tool company from Tim Allens (Buzz) TV show, Home Improvement. 

4. Laurie Metcalf (Aunt Jackie from Roseanne) is the voice of Andy’s mom. 

5. Johnathan freeman who voiced Jafar in the Movie Aladdin also plays him in the Broadway show. 

I hope you guys enjoyed these 5 awesome did you knows! Let me know any fun facts you may know in the comments below! 


On This Day: Aladdin

November 25, 1992 the GREATEST Disney classic was born and became the highest grossing movie of the year! So to celebrate Aladdin’s anniversary lets talk some awesome fun facts!

1. John Candy, Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy, Martin Short, John Goodman and Albert Brooks at one point considered at one pont to provid the voice of the Genie.

2. Jafar was based on none other than the mistress of evil herself Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty). Like her he carries a staff, has a bird henchman, and transforms into a giant animal in the big showdown.

3. Joe Pesci and Danny DeVito both turned down voicing the parrot Iago, so the role went to the future Alfac spokesman Gilbert Gottfried.

4. The voice of Princess Jasmine, Linda Larkin was nearly fired and had to re-audition for the role halfway inot the film after Katenberg thought she didnt sound “regal” enough.

5. You can spot Pinocchio, The Beast, Sabastian and a hidden mickey in the film

6. Jasmine was the only Dinsey Princess to kiss a villain.

7. The peddler in the movie, was originally planned to be revealed as the genie at the end of the movie. This is why Robin Williams voiced him and also why the peddler share common apperences.

8. Aladdin was the first movie with its own dedicated parade in MGM Studios (Hollywood Studios) called Aladdin’s Royal Caravan Parade, which made its debut December 1992.

9. The original story of aladdin was set in china which would make Aladdin chinese.

10. Scott Weigner, known as Steve Dj’s boyfriend in the show Full House is the voice of Aladdin.

11. Everytime Aladdin lies, his feather falls in his face.

12. The Goofy hat and Hawaiian shirt that the Genie wears at the end of the movie is a node to Robert Williams wardrobe in a short he id for the Disney/MGM Studio tour in the 80’s.

Aladdin is my second favorite Disney classsic of all time, and of course i would watch the Aladdin TV series ( 1994-1995) which Scott Weinger, Linda Larkin and Gilbert Gottfried (Aladdin, Jasmine and Iago) all returned for 85 episodes of the TV series.


On This Day: Tangled

It has been 5 years since Tangled came out November 24, 2010! This has to be one of my favorite newer Disney princess, so inorder to celebrate this amazing movie here are some fun facts! 

1. Tangled was Disney’s first animated full legnth computer-animated fairy-tale adventure. It was also Diseny’s 50th animated featue.

2. This was the first Disney “princess” film to recieve a PG rating from the MPAA. All the other “princess” films by Disney recieved a G rating.

 3. The Director of Tangled, Nathan Greno, began his Disney career as an inbetween artist for Mushu in the Disney film Mulan. Before directing Tangled he also worked on Brother Bear, Meet the Robinsons and Bolt. Nathan also voiced Lefty in Meet the Robinsons.

4. There is a family resemblance between Rapunzel and her parents. BUT unlike normal families, Rapunzel came first and her parents were designed after her. So in technicality her parents look like her.

5. Flynn was originally suppose to be names Bastian.

6. Rapunzel has 70 feet of golden hair and more  than 100,000 individual strands. A special software had to be created to simulate the movement for the hair, because no one had ever animated that much hair before.

7. 10 women from the prodution grew their hair out during the making of the film, they each cut about 10 inches off of their hair to donate to an organization that makes real-hair wigs for people who’ve lost their hair due to illness.

8. Rapunzels kingdom was inspired by Mont Saint Michel and the hidden valley was inspired by Rocamadour.


9.Grizzly River Run in Disney’s California Adventure Park was used as inspiration for the water leaks on the rickety wood dam that burst.

10. In early designs for Pascual he was purple and blue. Eventually the artists thought green was the best because it looked the best with Rapunzels hair and clothes. Also Pascual was almost a squirrel.

11. Originally the movie was suppose to be called Rapunzel, but in order to market the film to both boys and girls Disney decided to change it to Tangled.

Happy Anniversary Rapunzel, thank you for showingus the true meaning of a frying pan!


Disney Did You Know: Mary Poppins

I love the movie Mary Poppins and because it will be returning to TV December 12, 2015 I thought it would be fun to share some fun facts about the movie. 

1. The Sherman brothers, Robert and Richard worked on the music for the film for 2.5 years, unaware the studio did not have the full rights to the book. 

2. In 1961, Travers finally sold the rights to Disney on the condition that she get the script approval rights.


3. Julie Andrews made her big screen debut in the Disney film Mary Poppins.  

4. David Tomlinson (Mr. Banks) also provided the voice of Mary Poppins parrot head umbrella.  

5. At the begining of the film, some of the nannies waiting in the line to apply for the nanny position were actually stuntmen in drag.

6. Mary Poppins is the 3rd Disney film that Matthew Garber (Michael Banks) and Karen Dotrice (Jane Banks) co-starred in. The other two movies are Three Lives Of Thomasina (1963) and The Gnome Mobile (1967)


7. Prior to this movie, Dick Van dyke had never received any type of dance training.  

8. In the film Julie Andrews uses a wig.  

9.After the film became a huge hit, Walt Disney studios mae plans for a sequal but P.L Travers turned them down.

10. At the end of the film, the role for Mr. Dawes Senior first appears as Navckid Keyd which is actually an anagram for Dick Van Dyke. Not only did he have the role of Bert he also played the grumpy old bank president.


Mary Poppins is definitely on my top Disney movie classics, i also really enjoyed Saving Mr. Banks and learning the history behind this practically perfect nanny.


Disney Did You Know!?

Did you know,

Br’er rabbit is voiced by Jess Harnell who also voiced Br’er fox in splash mountain.

Jess also voiced Don (Wreck it Ralph), Nurse Aj (UP), Cedric (Sofia The First), Chilly (Doc Mcstuffins), Guard (The Emperers New Groove), Sven The Governator (Cars), and more.

He also had some additional voices in, Inside Out, Monster University,  House Of Mouse, Lilo and Stitch, Recess and so much more!!!


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